Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Tis the season for hip hop???

ah the sweet sound of Christmas rap……Guess some people don't like the classics anymore, I heard a song on the radio, "all I want for Christmas are some Ho Ho Ho's"  a fiesty Jersey girl & southern belle  to be exact 
seriously??? I thought "wrapping " was only for presents! ok, that was a bad joke even for me!! :-) After about a minute I had to change the station. 

Speaking of holiday music, little J on the bus today sang quite the lovely Christmas tune " tis the season to be hollow!  fa la la la la la  Santa's Balls!"
 (glad he hasn't heard the Ho song!) 

Anyway, I hope all of you  have a wonderful Christmas  & a blessed New Year!! Thanks for reading my blog :-)

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


well dear friends and family who usually receive a xmas photo in your card…..I don't believe you will be getting one this year! First Scott refused to do it ( why are men so damn reluctant to have their pics taken?? it's not like the camera will steal your soul) then the pets would so not cooperate! But on the plus side, I just have to share the bloopers!!! LOL enjoy…..and Merry Christmas!

Friday, December 9, 2011

thanks Yahoo!!

I clicked on my Yahoo browser this fine morn to be welcomed by the usual plethora of newsworthy tidbits. But there was one thing this morning that caught my eye!! ( no pun intended, hehee) 

My first reaction was "WTH is that!!????"  Followed by" ohhhh I wonder if this is the mysterious one eyed trouser trout I have heard so much about?…." then onto " oh maybe it's a long lost cousin of Mike Wazowski!!! Are they making a Monsters Inc 2??"

Sorry Mike, I don't have the answer to that one!! ANYHOO…….it is actually a one eyed albino shark! 
I believe the scientific term is " Freakywhitecyclops" derived from the latin phrase " That s*#t is weird man" but I would have to research that to be sure.  I certainly wouldn't want to blog false facts.  ha! 

so I just wanted to thank Yahoo for popping up and scaring the beejebees out of me first thing in the morning and giving me something to blog about!! :-) 
Have a great day friends and keep your eye out for wordly news!! hehee

Thursday, December 8, 2011

2 things not really blogworthy but here they are anyway

Ok I really want to just say no wonder this poor woman is depressed!! She is being stalked by a big blue bath robe!! Depressed??? Surprised she isn't bat shit crazy!!  I guess it's a step up from the older commercial where there was a black cloud following her, which I believe to be a fart cloud, and that too would make you a little down in the dumps. Not making fun of depression believe me, just these commercials really get to me! 

Also I really like the song "Moves Like Jagger" by Maroon 5 and Christina A, but what's her secret?? If she gonna share it & he gotta keep it cause nobody else can see it…..so I wonder…….is it a 3rd nipple??  a rash?? is she really a dude?? what's the damn secret???? 

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

All right Debbie!!! geesh!

can't a sistah catch a break?? Even though I am sick { cough cough} my loving sister &  apparently her partner in crime Cathy, demand I blog today. Ok, so "demand" is a little harsh..... but she posted on my wall on FB, that's kinda like demanding right? Kinda like double dog daring someone on the playground ?? As long as she doesn't dare me to stick my tongue to a frozen pole I guess it's ok. ( yep a reference to the Christmas Story there! fra ra ra ra ra ra ra ra ra! ) 

what to blog, what to blog.....  oh I guess I could tell ya about going to my first Hockey game!! ( which when I texted Deb to tell her I was going I wrote " going to a hickey game later with Scott's friends! "  Note to self, please check message before hitting send. Auto correct likes to mess with me.) Anyway, loved the game!! Was really fun! despite the fact the place smelled like sweaty gym socks! ew  (another note to self, when attending sporting events where alcohol is present and you partake in said alcohol, do not wear, I repeat, DO NOT WEAR button fly jeans!! do you have any idea how confusing all those damn buttons are ????? and people look at you funny when you come out of the stall where you have been giggling and/or cursing at your pants!) Next time I am wearing sweats!! :-)

I am so glad we get a couple days off for Thanksgiving! The pre k kids have been wild! And OMG  the knock knock jokes......oh wait the knock knock joke, as in one, being told over and over and over......and over. And as a parent you know that usually a 3 yr old's jokes are so not funny, but you laugh anyway and tell them how funny they are. But, when you are bombarded by 15 kids telling you the same one over and over...and over...even a Saint would snap!! So today (I have no idea why I did this but I was desperate!!!!!) when the lil angel got on (the starter of the joke I have heard a gazillion times in 2 wks) I was starting to panic cuz she had that look....I started flapping my "wings" & clucking like a chicken to distract her! Ha! it worked! oh but wait, she finds it hilarious and keeps asking me to do it again.....so finally I said " Oh you better hide in your seat because you are a little worm and I am a hungry chicken!!" To which she replied by screaming " eat me eat me eat me eat me!!"


Ok Debbie, that's all you get for now. See you on Turkey day!! Love you!! :-)

Thursday, October 6, 2011

From the Windoooooow to the wall....

This song is still stuck in my head after little J sang it on the the pk bus yesterday. There's nothing like hearing a 4 yr old quote rappers. I get him all buckled up and I go sit down then I hear " from the window to wall, til the sweat drip down my balls"  Whoa!! Ok J,  SOOO Not appropriate! Of coarse he had to start singing it one more time!! Ugh, I can just see all the little kids going home " mommy mommy I learned a new song on the bus today! It's about dripping balls! what are dripping balls mommy?" Yeah, not a good picture is it??? I told him if he was going to sing he needed to sing something else. So he looked at me and smiled and started singing " santa claus is coming to town."  whew, better! As onery as this child is I was half expecting him to incorporate the 2 and start singing about santa having sweaty balls. It seriously would not have shocked me. I of coarse texted a few people and Tasha was so kind as to sing ABBA's "dancing queen "  to me to get the song out of my head. Yeah, thanks :-/   then Trisha offered to sing Barney songs, what great friends I have right???? I will pay them back later .........

Oh I can't forget to tell you about lunch with Tammy on Monday! That was fun! I wore actual shoes this time not flip flops...... :-) don't wanna go thru that again! Anyway , went to a mexican place, I'd been there before and was waited on by a very friendly waiter. Some of you know the story I am sure, the " aye aye aye" guy who had to sit next to me. Well guess who our waiter was?? He seen me and was all " hey mamacita !" and hugged me. Tammy asks me if I come here often. Nope! And of coarse when he took my order he had to sit down and put his arm around me and I say stupid crap when nervous so I was like " uh, you love me or somethin?" he was all " si mamacita I love you" then made a kissy face!!!! Seriously????? Listen muchacho not interested in dating, just give me my damn enchilada and move along!  Besides I'm not used to getting any attention from guys when Tammy is around , but HA! Tammy! In your face!! I won! Yeah that's right, I won the short fat mexican dude!! ok, so that's not actually a victory  and it wasn't a competition but had to just say that! LOL!!  :-) I am also a little scared to go back there.......oh and I tell Angie about it & how I think I was being flirted with by a girl at Pizza Hut the day before picking up pizza for football Sunday, and she says " dude you always get hit on restaurants !"  So I am wondering if I send off some sort of pheromones when I am near fried foods??? I mean seriously I'm not attractive so what's the deal?? Oh and I didn't actually know what mamacita meant, I just googled it ( I am so in love with google, it knows everything! well except how to get rid of tree frogs) and  the first to pop up is Urban dictionary and it says it's slang for hot mama or sexy babe, or can be used derogatorily to call someone a ho. hmmmmmm.....so I am unsure whether I should feel flattered or offended?????  He did call Tammy a mamacita too so if it's good then we are sexy babes, if not then at least I'm not a lone Ho. Cuz us Ho's gotta stick togetha!

OMG, went to Wal-Mart today (which I am starting to wonder if those places aren't just gateways to Haides) and witnessed some guy singing Katy Perry's song " ET" to a bag of chicken nuggets. Very loudly I might add. And so way off key! I kept shopping but dammit I heard him again and had to go back....LOL! I couldn't help it! I am weak ok? had to watch the train wreck. So he's standing there singing and juggling 2 bags of nuggets and making weird noises, he looks up and sees me so I busy myself looking at frozen whatevers, and he stops and drops the bags and says " whoa this is intense!"
You're telling me!! Of coarse it's intense!! Do you get the Tyson nuggets or the off brand??? Is it real chicken breast nuggets or that mixture of chicken parts that looks like plywood?? Yes indeed my friend......intense. Ok, time to stop stalking weirdo guy for laughs ( I so wanted to ask him if he took requests) it's check out time! Where I stood, in one spot, for 20 minutes!!!!! UGH!! Only 3 lanes open, 2 are 20 items or less so I'm in the only lane I can go thru, the lady being checked out had 57 coupons to scan and initial, the next couple had 3 separate  transactions  that also had things to sign and it was the cashier's first day! So he was clueless!!  yay! So I visited with the other patrons in line, looked at a few mags, did you know Jessica Simpson is preggers , Ashton may have cheated on Demi, Jennifer Aniston and her new love are morphing into one person, and Nicole Richie got a boob job??? I so should have stalked weirdo guy longer................

Friday, September 30, 2011

Life is like a box of chocolates....

and yesterday I got the hard icky nougat one...oh yeah.....it was like that. Wasn't too bad of a day until I headed in town for my regular dermatology apt. On my way, window down , singing along to Justin Timberlake (Just a classic case, a s-s-scenerio) when I feel something on my tooth. Soooo, I use my nail to see what it is and a piece of my tooth breaks off!! Yeah! I'm like freaking out! I pulled over to assess the damage & to call the dentist, which was closed.... :-\ I'm about ready to cry at this point! I mean there is a a piece of my tooth gone & I am seriously trippin here!! So I start driving and I am all calm, cool and collected now so call my husband for comfort.
Scott  "Hello"
Scott " what happened?"
me " I don't know but I am all snaggletoothed now!! "
Scott " is it bad?"
me " um yeah , well I don't know, maybe. It's just a little piece "
Scott" which tooth?"
me " you know one of the fangy ones."
Scott " Well good thing you aren't a vampire."
me " hardy har har. stop laughing at me or I will cut you with my snaggletooth."
Scott" call the dentist."
me " they are CLOSED!
Scott "oh well, maybe you can get in next week."
me , being the sarcastic smartass that I am had to say this " yeah oh well. Our anniversary is tomorrow and this tooth is sharp! So don't expect any fancy moves around your man parts." 
Scott just starts laughing at me which makes me laugh! So end that call I am feeling a little better. Go to my apt, I had a small bump on my eyelid, Dr says it's a cyst and she needs to lance it and pull it out with tweezers. ooookaaaayy.........ON MY EYELID!!!!! Yeah, let me tell ya, having a needle poked into your eyelid is not fun. IT HURT!!!! Not to mention the panic sitting there thinking " OMG OMG OMG she is gonna screw this up and stick my eyeball! MY EYEBALL!! For the love of all that is Holy please don't let her shank my eye!"   Luckily I am unshanked and only slightly bleeding. whew that was scary! If Dr's are gonna do that they should at least numb it or give you a shot of tequila first.
So now I have a partially missing tooth and a goofed up eye! My day got so. much. better. dontcha think?? So now I am all in meltdown mode and start texting a few of my buds for some support. I mention I am going to have to wear some sort of sexy outfit for my anniversary to draw attention from my snaggletooth & my bloody eyelid.  Angie suggested I dress as a sexy pirate! Maybe........ Slap an eyepatch on and we all know dental hygiene wasn't a big part of a pirate's life, so a missing tooth would be no big deal. Then I could go around saying things like " Arrrrgh, you after my booty mate?" It could sooo work.
(Thank you girls for making me laugh yesterday!! you know who you are!!)

Back to the box of chocolates theory, yesterday was indeed an icky nougat day, but today is a white chocolate truffle day!! I've been married to the love of my life for 16 yrs today! wow! And I got my snaggletooth fixed!! ( his man parts are safe! HA HA!!!!!) Scott took the day off and took me out for breakfast and lunch ( I gotta stop eating, I'll never fit into a pirate wench outfit this way!) and all is well. My eyelid looks better and has quit throbbing! yay!!!

I can laugh about all this, laughter is good. Better than crying! Besides.....pirates don't cry.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

OMG, good ole Dick and Jane

Product Description

When innocent Dick and Jane meet a creepy, cape-wearing vampire, the unexpected happens: he becomes their friend! This title borrows from the classic stories and art we all know and love, but adds an of-the-moment twist: a vampire, illustrated in the classic Dick and Jane-style. It's a mash-up kids and adults alike are sure to love.


I saw this on Amazon.com today and it just made me laugh!! So I had to share!! Mae, I would so love your comments on this!! LOL

doggies and squirrels and monkeys oh my!

I guess the 10th dog is holding out with the 10th dentist???? and is this really a selling point?? I mean dogs do eat crap , roll in dead things and drink from the toilet. Maybe they have a touch of poo flavor?? And how do they know?? I mean my dog has never snubbed any treat I've offered. Do they not feed the dog all day then put one treat closer to them so they eat it first? Do they wrap one in salad so the dog "prefers" the one not covered in lettuce? Why am I even questioning this?   I must be scraping the bottom of the barrel for blogging ideas. That's how they found all the girls for the "Rock of Love" with Brett Michaels show. Bottom. Of. The. Barrel.   sigh..........wait how did I get from doggie treats to Brett Michaels?? Nevermind. And yes, I did buy the treats..... :-)

since I am talking about animals......what is the DEAL with squirrels running out in front of cars???? I have hit 2 this week!! If they would just stay put or run the other way, but noooooo, they have to dart in front of you. Are they just little furry adrenaline junkies?? Is there a group hanging out in the ditch cheering their buddy on?? " go go go! Do it man!! You sooo got this!"  Then SPLAT! Then the little squirrel buddies toast him with a little fermented acorn juice and wait for the next car ? Stupid squirrels.

This is sort of? animal related .....what does the song "shock the monkey" by Peter Gabriel mean????? Heard it on the radio this morning, but I don't really get it.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

out of the mouths of babes........

Have I ever mentioned how funny it can be working with little kids??? Sometimes I forget how fun it can be when they are having a bad day and acting out. I was reminded today!!  we will call the boy J.

J. "hey know what I want for my birthday?"

me " nope what do you want for your birthday J?"

J. " I want a hooker for my birthday!"

me  { sitting there looking at him unsure what to say} "did you say a hooker?"

J. "Yep! A hooker! Or a wench. "

me {starting to get concerned here} " J, what exactly are you talking about?"

J. " you know a thingie that goes on the back of a truck to pull stuff? That thing. I want a hooker to pull stuff." {and he is making a little hook motion}

Me  " OH, you mean a hook?? "

J. " yeah a hook!!! I want a hook! That would be cool to pull stuff with daddy's truck!"

Glad we got that cleared up!!!!! Ya never know, last week he asked me if I wanted to hear a song about his wiener. I just said NO. maybe it was just the Oscar Mayer song?

Monday, August 29, 2011

Just sharing .....

2 posts in one day? whew! I am on a roll!! :-) Just sharing some scrapbook pages I made!! Both kits I used are from Bo Bunny in case anyone is interested!!


Sorry folks, I'm in a venting mood today!! My post title says it all!!!! Here are some seriously?? moments to make your day better (because you aren't me) I'll start off small as to not overwhelm the masses.

1. why do people feel the need to pay their respects to the dearly departed by writing their condolences on the bathroom stalls at Godfather's pizza? Isn't there a more appropriate place for that? As I am sorry for your loss, I do not wish to read about your loved ones while I am peeing. Same goes for preaching to me about Jesus being my Savior. I am aware of this being I am a spiritual person, but I do not need reminding as I reach for the toilet paper. What happened to just your basic "for a good time call Jenny at 867-5309(iiine)????? Or possibly, just stop writing in the pooper ok?? seriously??

2. Went out for dinner Friday night, had the worst waitress/service and when Scott said something about the orders being wrong the waitress starts crying and says it was all the cook's "f'n" fault and the bartenders fault, etc etc.....this went on for awhile, then we ask for the manager twice before she comes over , talk to her, still didn't get all our food, and here comes the cryer again to bawl that she gets upset when her customers are unhappy and she should just quit because everyone there is talking crap about her and says she is a b**ch and trying to get her fired.  Seriously??????? We don't need to know all that! A simple, " I'm so sorry for your wait and the mix ups" would do! Stop crying and bring me my wings! Then Scott feels bad for her cause she is a crying mess and leaves her a $20 tip! again, seriously?? I told him he got played! But hey, we got $2 off coupons! woo hoo! (a mini seriously?)

3. shopping at Old navy, got 3 shirts, she overcharged me quite a bit, when I said something she got all pissy with me and I showed her the sale sign, she finally said " Fine, I don't know what that sign is for but if it makes you feel better I will just take the money off and give it to you for that price." Um, yeah thanks that would be great!! Since the sign reads "Henley ruffled shirt on sale for $7.50, get em while they last!" and lookie, I have a ruffled Henley shirt in my hand! Amazing! Seriously?? Not like I was trying to steal the stupid ruffled shirt. She seemed a bit ruffled.........maybe customer service isn't her cup of tea.  I already regret buying the peace sign shirt, wore it today (should have tried it on first) and as it is really cute, the giant frilly peace sign seems to attract more attention to my tah tah's than I would like. People will look at me and say " seriously???"

4. Megan's eyeglasses broke Sat night, right at the arm and frame. Not good, we don't have a 2nd pair since her vision changes every year. Eye place of coarse isn't open on Sunday. Megan really needs her glasses too! So we tried soldering them, hot glue, scrapbook glue dots, mega cable glue, and finally epoxy which is holding them together, barely, I doubt they last the day. So I called the eye place this morning. They said they wouldn't order new frames even though they are under warranty until they have seen them. Then they would try to fix them and if that didn't work then they would order frames. So I call Scott, he goes in there, her frames will be here on Wednesday!! ( I love this man!) BUT they said since we tried fixing them ourselves our warranty might be void now and we will have to purchase them. Seriously?? what were we suppose to do? She really does need them. So now we gotta wait and see what happens on Wednesday! Scott said if the warranty is void he is going to call the company and let em have it! ( you go Scott!)

5. shopping with Jennifer at the mall, we are at Deb's looking at purses (on sale!!!) and we find the same purse, we both love it, so we decide to get them but mine says it is $5 and hers says $10. So we go to the cashier, I explain we wanted these but were wondering if the price is actually $10 or $5 and I say " what is it actually?" an she looks at me all weird and says (get this you will love it) " um, .....they are.... purses.   "       REALLY??? I had no idea!!!! Purses? Who knew????? This is where I took a deep breath and said " yes I know what they are, I would like to know how much they are."  So she looks at them and says " this one is 5 and that one is 10" Me, " yes but they are the same purse ." her, " No they aren't they have different numbers on them. Weird huh? They look identical,  hey I just work here I don't make the rules or the prices."  Ok, deep breath again ( and mini movie playing in my head of taking said purse and stuffing it over her head) Anyway to shorten the story, we got the purses for $5 after the cashier had this epiphany that they were indeed the same purse, and after Jennifer told her to keep them. Seriously??

#6 should be about shopping with Tammy and us meeting for lunch at panera, and we went to different panera's and then my shoe broke and I had to hobble across a rock parking lot to my car with only 1 shoe, and after us trying to play MacGyver and rig up my flip flop, sent Tammy in to buy me new shoes! But I wont......  :-) (seriously!)

Thursday, June 30, 2011

scrap stuff

Thought I would share the pages and clipboard frame I made last Saturday at the crop I went to with Angie, April and Steph!! It was fun!!!!

I love me some google!!

well, except for yesterday. Usually google and I are pretty tight, I need info, google it, and ta da!!! Google is there for me. It's a great relationship.....really. But yesterday, I wanted to hurt google. Why you ask??? I shall tell you, but don't get all judgey & critical of me. It was a bad day.
I'm not sure where to start???? with the whole beginning or just cut to the googling. Ok, I'll just wing it like I do most everything.  :-)
Ok so I'll jump in on this part: I went to mow yesterday and long story short I broke the mower. The little red knobby doodad that you pull out to lower the blades and start mowing. I was all good mowing til I got stung and was burning alive on the back acre so I quit to put on sunblock. I hop on, start er up, pull the knob, and yeah it just came off!! I tried to fix it, made it worse & decided to wait to call Scott, I was chicken ok????? I tried to google the mower info blah blah, nothing. #1 of google let down. Couldn't even figure out what the technical term was, I am sure it isnt actually "red knobby thing".  No luck, I figure I'd pull off the damn figurative chicken feathers and beak and call Scott. He actually thought it was funny and wasn't mad. Cool.   but then we had to go back and forth on the phone for an hour looking at the owners manual, calling Sears and dealing with that .  Both of us now on the computer trying to read the manual was fun!  Ok, so I'm aggitated, but pool needs cleaned. Figure a swim would be relaxing anyway. Well tree frogs have decided they love our pool so much they wanna live there and have babies! GREAT!!!!! So I spend quite awhile catching frogs and scooping out eggs. Ew. Ew. And Ew. I like frogs, but not in my pool thank you very much. So after all that I decide to google a way to get them out and keep them out. #2 google let down.  Now this is where you are all gonna wanna judge me......so quit reading here if you are gonna be all hateful. I start off googling this right? All I can find are tree frog huggers who say to let them have the pool til they are ready to move on. WT??? No, I want my pool, and not full of tadpoles. I keep searching.....scoop them out with soft nets and save the eggs!!!! Don't harm the eggs!! Build a pond, relocate them several miles away, yada yada yada.....so now I;m getting ticky, so I google, How to kill frogs in pool!! Still NO NO NO, no killing! just save, relocate, build a pond, etc etc.........so now I am having a really bad day and I type in " tree frogs in pool, I WANT THEM TO DIE!!!!!!"  yep, still nothing. I am truly sorry, but I am not letting frogs take over my pool, I am not softly netting a zillion eggs and relocating them several miles away, nor am I digging a pond in my yard. Yes I feel bad for them, maybe I should contact Kermit the Frog to give a lecture on places NOT to lay eggs??( That was actually a google response BTW! )  so please don't be hatin', if you haven't swam a mile in my pool, hehee, then you can't understand.  Oh, and google let down #3, now I am sure google was really just messing with me!!!!! I wanted to look up the word imaginary because i wasn't sure if I spelled it correctly, so I google it and I see this..............."if I have sex with my imaginery girlfriend will I get the clap or a disease?"  LMAO!! Seriously?????? yes, google is now just playing with me. I imagine a little "google" laughing it's butt off at me now. I still love you google, but keep messing with me and I will leave you for Bing.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

More random blogging.........with pictures!!

 What??? It's almost the end of June already??? Megan and I have been sickie, so we haven't even done anything fun yet!! Driving me batty!!  I am already starting my panic mode of going back to school! LOL We gotta get to havin some fun!! The first 2 weeks of summer the cicadas were soooo bad we didn't even get to enjoy the pool, now the weather is working against us! Guess I can't complain today, nice temp, cooler breeze, Meg and and I picked blackberries along the fence line.
Megan loves to pick them, just not eat them!! I think they are yummy!!!! let's just hope we dont get poison ivy, that would really tick me off!!!  Found a patch of wild strawberries, guess that's why it's bunny central around here. Luna enjoyed running around in the "big yard" , she is a goofy pup!! she has to find the biggest sticks ( more like branches) to play fetch with and about knocks you over!! I might need protective gear to play fetch!!

Have to share the picture tray frame I made last wknd, it was fun at first then a little frustrating!! Not sure I will make any more of them!!!!
It's kinda pretty I think, but being I am my own worst enemy, I keep second guessing it! So I like it, then I don't!! LOL Why do I do that???

Suppose to go on a 12 hr crop on Saturday if things go as planned. Maybe get some more pages and projects done. I found some of my parent's wedding pics, want to do something with those and make copies for my sisters.
Going through old photos makes me feel all weepy, but I want to scrap these things! June 9th would have been their 50th wedding anniversary.

Ok, I have been growing my nails out, always got short stubby nails, now they are long..........I think I am going to have to go back to stubby!! Typing and texting are driving me a little nutty!! So not used to having nails!!!

My friend Tasha moved to Florida, Tina and I are alllll ready to hit the beaches with her
do you think she would run in the other direction??????? LOL!!

wow, I am really random..........

Sunday, June 12, 2011

in the land of dreams.....

ok, anyone who really knows me,  knows I have really strange dreams. Last night was no different! I dreamt I snuck off in Scott's crapyota for a joyride. I was going all out and came to the really steep road, when I get to the bottom it's covered with water and mud, I panic for a bit , realizing I can't drive a stick shift and decide what the hell? I am going for it! So I did and I made it thru! I am all excited then realize I have to go back that same way so I find a place to turn around. It happens to be a biker bar. Some big hairy tattooed covered guy comes out to chat and tells me I have one bad ass ride!! I'm all like thanks man but I gotta roll. I then realize I am now on a tricycle! And the road has become stairs??? So now I am trying to figure out how to ride my tricycle down 10 flights of stairs? So I straddle my bike and walk down! I am all proud of myself and biker dude shows back up and asks me to join their gang. So I do and then I am going down the road, them on their pimped out bikes, and me peddling my ass off on my bad ass tricycle!!

  I actually woke up sweating!!!! LOL!! so does this mean I feel like I am just running and getting no where trying to keep up with the "big dogs" in my life?? do I have a deep hidden fettish for tricycles???  Or that as usual I just have really weirdo dreams??  hmmmmmmmm, any ideas????

Friday, April 22, 2011

Random conversations....

 Random chat Megan and I ran a few errands today. If you know me after I come out of somewhere I use my handy dandy hand sanitizer. so we get to the car , we are sitting there with the radio on and I am using my sanitizer and give some to Megan. This song comes on and.....

Megan: "I think this song is called OH MY GOD MY EYES!!!!"

me:" Huh? why do you think that?"

Megan : " Not the song MY EYES ARE BURNING!!!"

I look over at her and see her eyes were watering
Me: " Why? Are you ok"

Megan: " it's that stupid hand gel the smell is making my eyes BURN! By the way I think the song is called Come on".  Oh crap I just rubbed my face with my hands!! AHHH!"

Then we just both burst out laughing and since have been randomly yelling OH MY GOD MY EYES! at each other. BTW she was FINE,( and the song was not Come on OR Omg my eyes! )

Random posting on FB last night....talking with Mae about Vampire Diaries and I have to quote Mae here...
" Tonight's episode brought to you by the letters H, O and T. "   LOL, Love it!!

Random driving topic...pick Scott up from work yesterday on Wabash during 5 o'clock traffic he starts yelling" Just pull out!! YOUR IN THE RIGHT LANE YOU NEED TO BE IN THE LEFT LANE! THE LEFT! THE LEFT! LEFT!!

Me: "yes I know but I drive a little more cautious than you I am going to get in the left lane."

Scott " then just DO IT, LEFT LANE!"

me: "  I am driving, you aren't."

Scott:  (some weird growly sound escapes him)

we get to where we are going then I get out and let HIM drive. we pull out into traffic 

Scott: "Shoot I need to be in the right lane, dammit I can't get over!"

Me: " honey would it help you if I yelled GET IN THE RIGHT LANE??"

Scott with a very angry looking scowl  " No."

me: " yeah didnt think so."

I should probably explain he was grumpy cause his brakes went out on his truck that's why I had to go get him and go get parts. 

Random dreams: I had a dream the other night Scott was in the backyard playing kickball with 2 ostriches. ?????? seriously?? where does my subconscious come up with this stuff??? There was also a demon kitten that was after me...... ??? Maybe I watch too much Sci-Fi and Animal Planet...

I gotta say it's the random things in life sometimes that just make you smile, laugh or say WTF?

Celebrate your randomness! (especially you Angie!) Embrace your inner "I am not random, why would you, OH LOOK A KITTY!" -ness  and smile today!!! 

Monday, April 18, 2011

Transformers.....more or less than meets the eye!

Ah yes, it looks like there was some sort of transformer war in my garage?? Good news is it looks like my car whipped the muddin mobile's  butt!!   In Yo Face CrapYota! aha!

actually this photo is of CrapYota 2...yes you read that correctly....2.....apparently these beasts are like gremlins and if they get wet or eat after midnight they reproduce.  Well it rained.  CrapYota 2 recently appeared in my driveway next to CY 1.   hmmmm puzzling isn't it??  Not if you know Scott and his buddies who found this on craigslist. It's in better shape (???) than CY1 so now poor CY1 is getting it's motor yanked to go into CY2! Ah the joy of mutilating metal. He promises this will all be worth it and we will have So Much Fun! I admit Megan loves to ride around in it, ask her about the "redneck car wash" sometime!! LOL  I have ridden in it, and drove it once, it is kinda fun, but I don't know that I am up for a wknd trip to the Badlands. (What if I get bored after an hour or so?? I guess I could paint it pink with glitter to amuse myself and record the look on Scott's face when he finds me)  I may change my mind and be a CY2 fool!  Right now I just want my garage and driveway back!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

more digi

this is my niece Amelia! (Jody I stole this pic from your FB page, Surprise!! LOL) Love this pic!!!! Hope you like it!!!!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Digi Scrappin!

I actually did a digital LO today!! Was in the mood to play around! Found this really cute kit at http://scrapsbyjessica.blogspot.com/   called Divine Intentionz. Anyway thought I'd share my LO with you!!

I am a little rusty at doing digi but here ya go!! or this one with text

Monday, March 28, 2011

Oh Monday Monday........

why did you get here so fast? I wasn't done enjoying my wknd! Sometimes Monday, you can just be a real jerk. Just sayin...........

What is a good thing to blog about for Monday?

Let's talk about pet peeves! Good topic for Monday! My pet peeve for the day is SIGNS. Not all signs just signs that are advertising events that have already happened! Take them down! It's over!  Oh and political signs......ok I get you are supporting someone you want to vote for and want to share, but is it really necessary to have 12 signs in your yard? Did you do that on purpose or are they like rabbits and just multiplied?? Isn't ONE sign enough? Sometimes it makes me want to sneak in their yard at night and switch all their signs with another candidate's signs.....hehee but I wouldn't actually do that!! Instead I would make signs with one word each on them that reads  Stop  Putting  So  Many  Signs  In  Your  Yard.

Speaking of switching signs or adding to them....I laugh every time I drive by the auto parts store and see their sign that says " We have Lucas"   because I always want to add " and if you ever want him back bring me $200,000 and a banana split blizzard."

Now does everyone have the song "signs" from Tesla in your head or is it just me?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Praying for Japan

I've been home sick the last few days so have seen alot of the tsunami news. What a heart wrenching thing to witness. I cannot even imagine being there. I have noticed though in the midst of all that chaos the people there seem to be peaceful for lack of better words. What I mean is they are still kind to one another and no looting and no fighting. They are waiting patiently in lines for hours for food and water. I can't help to think if it was America there would be the looting and the fighting and the complaining that help wasn't happening fast enough etc etc......I think about Katrina and all the horrible press and how some people were so disrespectful. Maybe we should learn from this tragedy over in Japan. Not trying to slam our country, just an observation , and  I love our country so no hate mail please!!  I could go on but why get up on my soap box, I have said my 2 cents. I pray for the families that lost everything including the ones they loved.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Sorry Mae...& other ramblings by yours truly

I was informed by my good friend Mae that I neglected to mention our GNO at her place in January in the things I "could've written about" I am sorry Mae, just ran out of time to write everything, I had to get to work!!  But yes, we had an amazing time! I always love our January get together!! The games ROCK!!! And kudos to Melissa for guessing my "Saving Private Ryan" act!! LOL  Although I totally sucked at that headbands game it was fun too! It's always fun when we all get together and visit. Now Angie is a member  too!! :-) It was alot of fun and I can't wait til we can all get together again. We need to talk Trisha into moving closer........

I know I already mentioned this on FB but some of my friends aren't on there so I gotta tell it here too!!! Yesterday Megan and I are getting ready for work/school and it was time to let Luna in. Went to the back door to see Luna running around the yard with one of my flower pots in her mouth!! Megan looks at me all serious and says " Mom.....you should have talked to Luna about the dangers of pot. If you don't talk to your puppy about pot who will??"  I just started laughing! Luna may need an intervention!!!!!! :-)

Speaking of FB.....I put an add on there today. It reads " Free to good home: one husband with head up his ass. May need to pay for removal."
any guess on why my darling hubby is in the doghouse??? Anyone? Bueler? Bueler?
Ok, so Wed night he says to me him and a friend are going to go look at this truck . ( I need to rewind here a bit, see another friend bought a vehicle just for muddin over at the badlands and such. Scott of coarse is itchin to go. So him and another buddy see this crapola truck for sale and wanna check it out) Anyway back to the story, He says they are 'looking" at it and that IF they like it they are going to go half in on it and it should only be about $200. I'm like whatever, just " looking " right???? Right???? ok so I am in bed already when he gets home so yesterday morning he says as he is leaving for work he will call me later when I asked about the truck.  ( later I realize this is a sign of weakness on his part, probably wanted to remove his face from close proximity of my fists)  so he calls and is going on about how great the truck is. Oh heck with it, to make a long story shorter he informs me they didnt go half, he bought it for $500!!!!  WTF????????? Seriously????? Ok I know that may not seem like much to some of you but to me,  without even discussing it , is a big purchase. For a toy. Would he like it if I came home with $500 scrapbooking stuff?   I. Think. Not.  I think ok, maybe he is joking, until I come home and find the beast in my driveway! Of coarse he dropped it off and ran like a little girl to hide at a friends house! ( he says he was "helping" him with his truck but I say the little chicken sh*t was hiding!!!!) Not helping his case here......chicken boy. Anyway I am a little ticky about it. I know, it's not a huge deal and yeah I don't have a problem with him buying something he wants but I think a" $500 impulse buy" entitles me to gripe just a wee bit!! I feel better now, got that all out. Phew.

Oh and thanks to all the people who emailed me about my blog! Nice to know some of you out there like to read my babbling!! xoxo

have a great wknd . Peace out !  :-)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

All the things I could've written.....

My poor neglected blog!! Maybe I should just delete you? Maybe I just needed some time away? It's been a long time since I've been on here. That's life huh? Too busy or too tired or lost the blogging mojo and just ignored it! Can't promise I'll do better either!! It's not like I haven't had things to write about, just life happens and don't always have the time. I could've written about Megan doing awesome at Jr Districts and winning 3 medals!! woot woot!! So proud of her. She really is a good swimmer, but she isn't sure she wants to stick with it. Think she is a little burned out or bored. Could be summer is coming up and she hates having to get up early ALL summer to go to practice, she says it's like going to school! Trying to figure out what we are going to do about that!! Hate to see her quit, maybe we can compromise.

I could've written about our new puppy Luna! We got her in January from a shelter in Decatur. It's all my friend Sharon's fault! She was getting a pup and I looked him up on Petfinder and saw he had sisters!!! LOL Long story short, we ended up getting Luna. She is a rat terrier blue healer mix and she is HYPER!!! OMG, forgot how much work pups are. Been a long time since we had a pup. I could talk about how the first 2 weeks I was weepy and felt guilty for getting a puppy, kinda felt weird after having Jake and Sadie for so long and then them passing and getting a new puppy. I know it's been awhile but still? Anyway Luna is doing great and we love her to pieces! I am just so ready for the puppy teeth to fall out! Ouch!!!!!!!!

I could've written about how it's been almost 3 years since Mom has gone and I still miss her every day. Sometimes so much that it physically hurts my chest. I do feel blessed to have had her in my life for 35 years, some people don't have that.

I could've written about how much I am looking forward to Spring and and seeing some color!! I noticed my tulips peeking out of the ground yesterday!! yay!! hey, it's the simple things that make me smile! Then Summer will be here and I do love my summers off with Megan!! :-) Can't wait to hang out in the pool! Wonder if Luna will get in?

I could've written about how my daughter turned 13 this year and I am officially the mom of a teen! wow! Time flies!! She is such a good kid, I hope it stays that way!! I'm not sure what I'll do if she turns into a brooding mouthy teenager. LOL Everybody says when girls turn 14 a switch flips on and watch out!! Speaking of Megan , she is still doing really well in school, was October's student of the month and continues to amaze me cause I'm not sure I could do her homework! LOL algebra and I are NOT friends.............

I could've written about My MIL Jennifer getting Megan and I hooked on this dark chocolate fudge popcorn that I can't find anywhere now!!!!! It's cruel really.....

I could've written about all the wonderful people in my life and how lucky I am to have them. How they lift me up when I need a pick me up, laugh at my stupid humor , and let me be ME.

I could've talked about meeting Deb for 3rd Sunday Market and how the walking tacos were gross but the rest of the day was great and I loved spending time with my sister. I am still laughing about that ugly red pipe cleaner Santa ornament ( that later spawned the video I made for Tina about Santa T Claus) lol !

I could've written about work and all the silly things that happen that make me laugh! Of coarse I'd have to change names to "protect the innocent" .

I could've written about how I catch Megan singing while she does chores and how she sometimes gets the words wrong and I crack up! My favorite was instead of " lay down sally, rest here in my arms" she sang " Dig down sally, I'll let you ride my horse!"   Then I realized she probably gets that from me!! LOL We get quite musical around here!!

I could've written about my favorite books of the moment, love Patricia Briggs (Mercy Thompson Series) and can't wait for the latest book to get here! Or the Molly Harper series that was only 3 books and I could have read way more! Then there's the Stephanie Plum series, 17 is coming out this summer!!  ( see a pattern here, I like series!) Although since Luna has arrived my reading time has dwindled to barely nothing!!! It's hard to read when she is trying to eat the book or barking nonstop because I am not playing with her!

I could've written about our trip to New York and Niagara Falls. That was awesome!!!! So glad we got to go and see the sights! NYC was crazy!! I am so a country girl, but it was fun to see. No way to be bored there on vacation. So much to see and do. Riding the subway was kinda scary at first. LOL Megan and Shae  Hated that!!!! ) Shae is Meg's BFF that went with us! Anyway we saw the Statue of liberty from the Staten Island ferry, went to Central park , ate NY style pizza of coarse which was awesome!!, went to China town, Little Italy, Times Square, Ground Zero, Wall Street, got stuck in traffic in the Lincoln Tunnel for HOURS and I really had to pee!!! saw lots of "interesting" people, smelled lots of smells ( some very EWWW)  and stepped around passed out people on the sidewalks at night (freaky).   Niagara Falls was cool, very pretty and I loved walking in the water at 3 sisters falls ( not sure if we were suppose to but other people were doing it!!) Loved the tours and all that touristy stuff. And we got so lucky, we went in August and while it was 100 here it was in the 70's there! yay!!  On the way home stopped in Hershey, PA. Loved it! wanna go back! Beautiful place and loved the little chocolate kiss lamp posts around town! Bought chocolate scented nail polish at the chocolate museum!

OMG, there is so much I "could've " wrote about!!! Guess I just did huh??