Thursday, September 29, 2011

doggies and squirrels and monkeys oh my!

I guess the 10th dog is holding out with the 10th dentist???? and is this really a selling point?? I mean dogs do eat crap , roll in dead things and drink from the toilet. Maybe they have a touch of poo flavor?? And how do they know?? I mean my dog has never snubbed any treat I've offered. Do they not feed the dog all day then put one treat closer to them so they eat it first? Do they wrap one in salad so the dog "prefers" the one not covered in lettuce? Why am I even questioning this?   I must be scraping the bottom of the barrel for blogging ideas. That's how they found all the girls for the "Rock of Love" with Brett Michaels show. Bottom. Of. The. Barrel.   sigh..........wait how did I get from doggie treats to Brett Michaels?? Nevermind. And yes, I did buy the treats..... :-)

since I am talking about animals......what is the DEAL with squirrels running out in front of cars???? I have hit 2 this week!! If they would just stay put or run the other way, but noooooo, they have to dart in front of you. Are they just little furry adrenaline junkies?? Is there a group hanging out in the ditch cheering their buddy on?? " go go go! Do it man!! You sooo got this!"  Then SPLAT! Then the little squirrel buddies toast him with a little fermented acorn juice and wait for the next car ? Stupid squirrels.

This is sort of? animal related .....what does the song "shock the monkey" by Peter Gabriel mean????? Heard it on the radio this morning, but I don't really get it.


  1. Squirrels are EVIL creatures bent on world domination by way of causing people to get into accidents by running out in front of cars at the last minute, hoping that they will swerve to miss said squirrels. The squirrels who do this are known as "suicide runners" and have been trained in the deep dark inner sanctums of tree holes everywhere by the squirrelqida. A most vicious group of terroristic squirrels...


  2. I cooked a squirrel and I liked it ;) Tammy

  3. OMG .... the squirrel crack me up!!!

  4. LMAO! This is why I love you! You make me laugh and we think the same. Even before I read the post I said to myself. What was it exactly the 10th dog didn't like? lol GET OUT OF MY HEAD! lol


  5. There is a similar comment on our cat treats. I totally get it with cats because I could see one of those stuck up bitches being like, *sniff*.."What the hell is this? Take it away and bring me some real tuna slave!" But like you said, my dog use to eat poop and dead animal this doggy treat really a step down?? Lmao ... Maeopia