Friday, March 27, 2009

2 pages

just sharing a couple pages I made today. There was a pretty rainbow out after it stormed the other evening. It was actually a double but the other was fading away. Anyway, used a kit called Promises from Shabby Princess to make that one. The one of Megan is from Opal Designs.

thanks for taking a peek!!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

4 wheelin

just sharing a couple pix from the w/e of Megan & her friend Amber out having some fun !

Hair of the Tiger

Hello Hello!! Haven't blogged in awhile, thought I better check in. Hope everyone had a good St Patty's Day! You know how some people are all like "Ugh, it's friday the 13th!" and expect bad things to happen? Not me, I actually have good Friday the 13th's. BUT St Patrick's Day on the other hand, well that's my 13th. Always has you think I would have been on guard yesterday. Horrible day at work( all the leprachauns were restless I guess) and I got pulled over for speeding!!! I have never been pulled over!! Luckily I didnt get a ticket, so that's a good thing, and the cop didn't try and steal me lucky charms. heehee

OH. My. Goodness. I went out with Angie last friday was a spur of the moment thing and we were unsure what to do.........we decided to just do something silly. Well, Angie sure as heck took the silly part to heart. That girl cracks me up!!!( Gotta say, loved the blue streaks in her hair!) It'll take too long to explain all the stuff we did but it was great! By the end of the night my head and tummy hurt from laughing so hard!!!!!!! We had alot of fun and I am so grateful to have someone like her to just be silly with!

This morning Megan got up and her hair was sticking up everywhere and she goes to the bathroom, gets her brush and starts singing "the Hair of the Tiger"( to the tune of eye of the tiger) I was like Hair? and she said " yeah my hair's all wild like a tiger and I gotta tame it!"
hmmm, ok, a little motivational music to get ya pumped up for hair brushin. You go girl.
Then after I took her to school and went to work I actually heard eye of the tiger on the radio! Funny!

Gotta go back to work ! Thanks for stoppin by!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Such a Craptacular Monday....

sigh.........boy do I have the Monday blues......ugh!! I think all my pre-k kids were hopped up on Mt. Dew and Pixie Stix today. WOW, I can't even explain how rambunxious(sp??) they all were and in that "button pushin" mood. Is it sad that it's noon on Monday and I am ready for Friday???

Hope everyone had a good w/e! Ours was good, relaxing, except for the trip to Wal Mart on a Sat afternoon to grocery shop. I'm sure THAT sentence needs no further explaination! It wqs so warm this w/e we had our windows open!! So nice! Of coarse the storms came by yesterday afternoon and cooled it off. I so enjoyed it while it lasted though!!

Oh I went to the movies w/ Sher-Bear (Sherri) last week & saw "He's just not that into you". It had it's moments!!!! Not a bad movie, I liked it, but it wasn't as funny as I thought it would be. I also finished reading "The Host" by Stepenie Meyer, great book!!! I can't wait to see what else she comes up w/ in her career cause so far I have loved all her books!

Anyway, got a rumbly in my tumbly so time for lunch!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

say what??

Hello! Just posting this goofy thing I filled out today. It's kind of fun, if you do it send it to me so I can see your answers!!! LOL

Just for fun

Radio fun:
Turn on the radio, listen to one line in a song ( or a commercial) then change it. do this 4 times. Then right 2 sentences out of what you heard, even if it's a commercial. See what you come up with!

She stole my heart in a trailer park and shook me all night long. So I went chasing waterfalls and I saved big money at Menard's.

Google fun:
google your first name and the sentence and let us know what it says!
____ got fired for____
Tacie got fired for going down on the floor of the car and staying there. ( what? was someone shooting at me??)

____likes to do this with ____
Tacie likes to do side squats with abductions. ( what the hell does that even mean??)

_____wants to _____
Tacie wants to do you! (wow, I'm shocked, I never even knew...)

____favorite song is_____

Tacie's favorite song is Carry On My Wayward Son. (I do like to sing it while playing air guitar)

Tacie wears prada. (wow I have expensive taste!)

___ likes to eat____
Tacie likes to eat an extra cupcake. (hey, it's true! ) That was actually not the first thing that came up, the first one was "likes to eat her parents" but that was just too too wrong!!!! freaks!

Tacie makes a point of strapping that bad boy onto my head more often.
( LOL<>

____wants to join____

Tacie wants to join me for a drink the next time she's in Mankato! ... (ok where's Mankato??? and who will I be joining?? well as long as they are buying...............................)

____was found____

Tacie was found naked on Main Street. (holy crap!, too many damn drinks in Mankato!!!!!!!!! woo!)
_____dances with_____

Tacie dances with a pork & beans official. ( I didn't know there were officials for that???)

_____porn star name is ___

Tacie's porn star name is "superglued the locks and I can't get out". ( well.......that's a um, long name. Bet I wouldn't get much work. )
backwards fun:
Spell your first name backwords and then google" what does _____mean?"
EICAT means eICAT is a self contained system of a palmtop computer with a data collection .... They are by no means an exhaustive list as every facility will collect ... (BORING!!!!)

spell your last name backwards and google " ____wants you to know _____."
Kooc wants you to know the people at the gym rub me the wrong way ...
( and you all know how I HATE leads to chafing and possible rashes.)

Food fun:
Pick a snack food and google this "I like to eat my (snack) while I___"
I like to eat my cheetos while I warn people about the Consumption of alcohol, that it may cause an influx in the time-space continuum, ...
( duh! what else would I be talking about while eating cheesy poofy goodness??)

random fun:
Ok, pick a friend's name. Then google " What happened to ____ after the party??" and tell us what it says!
I picked Tina and it said
!"#$%& '#(%)*+,%& '#(-)*-.#/*-0#& 1/2#(%)*#& 3/*+%4"+- 5 67789 ...
( wow, does that mean she had a good time?? Or a bad time?? I warned her drunk ass about the consumption of alcohol and the space time thingy!! )
your turn have fun!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

it's a birdnado!

Look at all these birds in our yard yesterday!! When they all took off it was this WHOOSH sound ! It was kind of cool but I'm glad those black birds didn't stick around long! Can you imagine all the bird poo they could make?? Yikes!

Monday, March 2, 2009

Random musings from me

First off I have learned a few things this past weekend (not exactly in the order given)

1. Beer and cake don't mix.
2. Drunk texting is not a coherent form of communication.
3. Before calling 911 make sure your carbon monoxide detector has a new battery.
4. My bedroom looks really small when filled with firemen.
5. When going to get your hair cut at a place that offers $5 haircuts , don't be surprised the place looks like a dive & smells weird.
6. When your bedroom is filled with firemen make a calendar for your mother-in-law so she doesn't chew you out for not doing so.
7. When you have a cell phone that isn't working and you can see who's calling or texting but can't answer it or read it, it's like putting a steak in front of a hungry person and telling them they can smell it but can't eat it.

so there you have it, busy w/e I have had. I suppose you are wondering about the firemen.........well Saturday the Carbon M detector was going off non stop and showed a reading of 255 . I called someone I know who is a fireman and he said I should call 911. So I did. And then like 5 ? trucks showed up and I lost count of the firemen. ANYWAY, everything was fine, they said the battery must be bad. Ok, I feel like an ass. I got a new battery though and it turns out the detector is just junk. They don't know this though and probably just thought I was a dummy with a bad battery. My MIL Jennifer thinks it's hilarious and crazy to have a bedroom full of men and not take pics and make a firefighter calendar for HER. Yeah like that would have made me look smarter. "Um while you are all here, do you mind posing for me?? A few of you get on the bed....."

sigh......yeah bet that would've been a great idea........Oh well, gave the neighbors something to gossip about right????

Oh and about the haircut. I decided to try a new place...........oh my.......what can I say? Where do I begin?? Should I start w/ the funky smell??? The 70's decor?? Or maybe the redneck butt crack signs??? hhmmmm......well my first gut impulse was to bolt as fast as possible. But I was feeling a bit reckless, a little "Thelma and Louise" ( remember my "moods") so I decided to stay even though Megan was whispering " Mommy I'm a little scared." So I let the very excited lady cut my hair. And ya know what? I love it!!! Turns out just cause the hairdresser's not sane doesn't mean she doesn't cut hair like pro!

Anyway I have to run, family's hungry and I gotta get dinner ready. (why are men so grumpy when they are hungry?)