Thursday, June 30, 2011

I love me some google!!

well, except for yesterday. Usually google and I are pretty tight, I need info, google it, and ta da!!! Google is there for me. It's a great relationship.....really. But yesterday, I wanted to hurt google. Why you ask??? I shall tell you, but don't get all judgey & critical of me. It was a bad day.
I'm not sure where to start???? with the whole beginning or just cut to the googling. Ok, I'll just wing it like I do most everything.  :-)
Ok so I'll jump in on this part: I went to mow yesterday and long story short I broke the mower. The little red knobby doodad that you pull out to lower the blades and start mowing. I was all good mowing til I got stung and was burning alive on the back acre so I quit to put on sunblock. I hop on, start er up, pull the knob, and yeah it just came off!! I tried to fix it, made it worse & decided to wait to call Scott, I was chicken ok????? I tried to google the mower info blah blah, nothing. #1 of google let down. Couldn't even figure out what the technical term was, I am sure it isnt actually "red knobby thing".  No luck, I figure I'd pull off the damn figurative chicken feathers and beak and call Scott. He actually thought it was funny and wasn't mad. Cool.   but then we had to go back and forth on the phone for an hour looking at the owners manual, calling Sears and dealing with that .  Both of us now on the computer trying to read the manual was fun!  Ok, so I'm aggitated, but pool needs cleaned. Figure a swim would be relaxing anyway. Well tree frogs have decided they love our pool so much they wanna live there and have babies! GREAT!!!!! So I spend quite awhile catching frogs and scooping out eggs. Ew. Ew. And Ew. I like frogs, but not in my pool thank you very much. So after all that I decide to google a way to get them out and keep them out. #2 google let down.  Now this is where you are all gonna wanna judge quit reading here if you are gonna be all hateful. I start off googling this right? All I can find are tree frog huggers who say to let them have the pool til they are ready to move on. WT??? No, I want my pool, and not full of tadpoles. I keep searching.....scoop them out with soft nets and save the eggs!!!! Don't harm the eggs!! Build a pond, relocate them several miles away, yada yada now I;m getting ticky, so I google, How to kill frogs in pool!! Still NO NO NO, no killing! just save, relocate, build a pond, etc now I am having a really bad day and I type in " tree frogs in pool, I WANT THEM TO DIE!!!!!!"  yep, still nothing. I am truly sorry, but I am not letting frogs take over my pool, I am not softly netting a zillion eggs and relocating them several miles away, nor am I digging a pond in my yard. Yes I feel bad for them, maybe I should contact Kermit the Frog to give a lecture on places NOT to lay eggs??( That was actually a google response BTW! )  so please don't be hatin', if you haven't swam a mile in my pool, hehee, then you can't understand.  Oh, and google let down #3, now I am sure google was really just messing with me!!!!! I wanted to look up the word imaginary because i wasn't sure if I spelled it correctly, so I google it and I see this..............."if I have sex with my imaginery girlfriend will I get the clap or a disease?"  LMAO!! Seriously?????? yes, google is now just playing with me. I imagine a little "google" laughing it's butt off at me now. I still love you google, but keep messing with me and I will leave you for Bing.


  1. I'm sorry girlfriend...but I'm LMAO right now. I'm on your side...kill the damn frogs!

  2. I swear... I swear... i swear... you really need to send stuff like this to the Chicago Tribune. You are the best writer ever. Every day I open my e-mail and hopes for this... I love me some google!! You are simply the BEST writer!!!!

    Keep writing...

    Laughing my FAO in Denver!!!!