Monday, April 18, 2011

Transformers.....more or less than meets the eye!

Ah yes, it looks like there was some sort of transformer war in my garage?? Good news is it looks like my car whipped the muddin mobile's  butt!!   In Yo Face CrapYota! aha!

actually this photo is of CrapYota 2...yes you read that correctly....2.....apparently these beasts are like gremlins and if they get wet or eat after midnight they reproduce.  Well it rained.  CrapYota 2 recently appeared in my driveway next to CY 1.   hmmmm puzzling isn't it??  Not if you know Scott and his buddies who found this on craigslist. It's in better shape (???) than CY1 so now poor CY1 is getting it's motor yanked to go into CY2! Ah the joy of mutilating metal. He promises this will all be worth it and we will have So Much Fun! I admit Megan loves to ride around in it, ask her about the "redneck car wash" sometime!! LOL  I have ridden in it, and drove it once, it is kinda fun, but I don't know that I am up for a wknd trip to the Badlands. (What if I get bored after an hour or so?? I guess I could paint it pink with glitter to amuse myself and record the look on Scott's face when he finds me)  I may change my mind and be a CY2 fool!  Right now I just want my garage and driveway back!

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