Monday, June 30, 2008

Just some pictures

Thought I would share a few pics that I took yesterday while we were messing around in the yard. Took the dogs out to the "big yard" to run and play. Picked some blackberries too, yummy! Can't get to all the really good ones, too far back on the fence line and surrounded by poison ivy! Ick! Took some pics of some flowers and if you look close at the one, you can see a baby p-mantis sitting there!! Cute!!

Random Chatter & a Miracle!

hello! Just thought I'd take a few minutes to blog. Been really busy since last Wednesday. My SIL and her 3 kids were here visiting, which was awesome! We had a great time!! We went to the zoo and had to hide out in the "snake house" and wait for a storm to pass but other than that everything went really well! Got to see them 4 days in a row which Megan LOVED!! Well me too of coarse!! We don't get to see them too much so it was great.
Megan is having alot of asthma stuff going on, we've had to go in to the DR for a breathing treatment and be on meds and do the inhaler. Usually she does just fine all summer. Anyway after fighting this for almost 2 weeks, she's developed a sinus infection. So gotta go get her prescription picked up this afternoon. Hopefully this will make her feel better and she'll be back to 100% in no time!

As for my hubby, he hit a deer Saturday in his work truck on the interstate. Luckily he only has some scratches! The deer came up on the hood and shattered the windshield and flipped around and shattered the driver side window. SCARY!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK GOD he is ok, that could have been so much worse! I told him his MIL in Heaven was looking out for him! I mean it's a miracle in my opinion to hit a deer at 65 mph and walk away w/ scratches!

I did something to my neck and it's killing me! UGH!!!! It hurts way down into my shoulder. I should try and go to the chiropractor I guess. Our insurance doesn't cover it though so I haven't been going too much. But owie, I be a hurtin!
OMG the weather has been so beautiful the last few days! Scott & I have been hanging out on the swing on the back deck just relaxing the last 2 nights. It's so quiet out here and you just sit and listen to the wind in the trees and the birds singing. ::sigh:: so nice! Scott took Megan for a ride on the 4 wheeler yesterday. They have matching helmets ( so cute!) . She loves to go w/ Daddy just riding around out here.

well better go I guess, thanks for checking in w/ me! Have a great week!!!!!!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Planting flowers( & a little visitor!)

I finally got some flowers today!! YAY!! Had errands to run and decided to stop by Lowe's and they had flowers on sale, I got 3 6 packs of annuals for $1.13! woohoo! I came home and went to plant some in this pot I have had just sitting there w/ soil in it & I got a surprise! I stuck my hand in there to stir up the soil and felt something move and saw 2 little eyes looking at me! I about peed myself til I realized it was just a toad! Megan came running and was laughing her butt off at me! She went and got the camera and she took some pics of our little friend. Isn't it cute?? And I know you are wondering, yes, it did pee on me. Good thing I had my polka dot garden gloves on! They're cute too huh? :-)
yes I know I am a DORK, no need to email me about it!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Meg & Jen

A LO I made today of Meg and Grandma Jen. I started off w/ some template pieces from Shazbutt's and I used a kit from Summer Driggs called Beautimous.It's a pretty simple page (I just needed a quick scrappin fix for the day! ) I'll have to play around more w/ the kit, it has such pretty papers and elements to work w/. My SIL Angie sent me the link to shazbutt's, she has some cute templates and some mini kits too I think.

Pretty lazy day around here today. did some cleaning then it's play time for a bit! Planning on making a homemade pizza for dinner tonight and then hang out in the pool. It's a hot one out there!! Scott's had a 4 day w/e so that's been nice having him home. He's done alot of yard work and tree cutting. Always plenty to do!! Well take care and thanks for stopping by!!!

Friday, June 20, 2008


this is a LO of my sisters and I. I used a kit from Little dreamer designs by Lauren Reid called family.
The picture was taken at our family cook out for Memorial Day.

some LO's I've done

just showing off some LO's I've made. this is my friend CiJay. He is a songwriter/musician. I used a kit called violet femme from Cinzia Loosemore. I thought it turned out pretty cool!

Thursday, June 19, 2008


Hello! Just thought I would share a funny Megan story today! She had a DR apt yesterday,
all went well and then after the Dr visit I asked her if she had any questions or concerns for the Dr before we left, she sat there so serious and looked like she was really thinking and then she said so innocently, " Actually I do have a question......can you get freckles in your butt crack?" I thought I was going to die laughing! The Dr was rather surprised and answered yes and Megan was like, "ok just wondering." OMG!!!!!!!!!!! Only My daughter would ask that question. It was so funny. The Dr was trying not to laugh but then stared giggling.
so, just in case any of you are wondering, yes it is possible to have freckles in your crack.
(I just don't want to know about it...LOL!!! )
Anyhoo, I am sure the DR doesn't get asked that question much.... :-)
BTW, Meg is feeling better, just has a bit of a cold I guess. She's still silly as ever so it's not slowing her down much. Right now she is using daddy's laptop to make a video of herself.....can't wait to see this one.
have a great day and thanks for checking in w/ us!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Beautiful day!

such a beautiful day today! Lots of sunshine and a nice breeze!
I haven't been online for a few days, thought I would pop on for a bit today. Too nice to stay indoors for long!
Oh, we are redoing the front porch and everything is such a mess out there! UGH! Drives me crazy! Anyway~ went out there this morning to water the few flowers I still have out there and in one flower bed that is all tore up and I have nothing planted there was a flower! A red and white petunia.....we have lived here 5 years and I have never planted petunias. I saw this tiny beautiful flower amidst the chaos and thought "Mom must have sent me that flower !" I've been struggling alot lately about her being gone and I thought this was her way of telling me things are going to be OK. She always like those striped petunias.
That just made me feel so hopeful. Wanted to share! Have a great day and if you get the chance to enjoy the sunshine, go for it! Now I am outta here to go get in the pool!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

having a bad day.....

really having a tough time today......I am really missing my mom ALOT! She's been gone 6 weeks and I think about her every day. Her and dad would have been married for 48 yrs this past monday. I talked w/ dad today and told him Meg and I would spend fathers day w/ him. Scott has to work. Anyway just thinking of her alot today and feeling blue. Done alot of crying today.....but I think it's better to let it out then bottle it up. I don't really feel any better as of yet!
Anyway think I'll get out of the house and take Meg out for lunch.

layouts used with Bloom Kit

Here's a couple of LO's I made w/ the BLOOM KIT by Lisa Sisneros from LDD
Really love the papers and elements from this kit! Just thought I would share! One is of my cat and the other of my niece.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


ok, I just read that (quote) Turkeys are so stupid that when it rains they look up to see what's hitting them and they can drown.



I think I know some people like that........
here's a layout I made of Meg today. I used a quickpage that I got from a freebie giveaway from Cassandra Bruno
Using Cool Sensations Kit by Crisdam Designs

I love her stuff!! She has great things and great links to other blogs w/ freebies.


here is a canvas picture "frame" I made, thought I'd share!

Monday, June 9, 2008

layout of my dog Jake using a kit from little dreamer designs called vintage dreams

here I be!

Hello! I decided to give this a try and do some blogging. It's taken me awhile to get the page up so now I don't feel like talking about anything! LOL
Anyway~ thought this might be a nice way of staying in touch w/ friends and family who don't have myspace. I'll have to mess around and figure out what I'm doing on here! wish me luck!