Thursday, December 3, 2009

welcome to the world Isabella!

I guess Season's Greetings are in order! :-) I am actually almost ready this last minute shopping on the 24th this year!! No tree up yet, hopefully SOON. I am ready to wrap presents ( I want my closets back!! )

Oh before I forget, Megan made student of the month for October! Isn't that cool?? I am so proud of her, she is doing so well in school and making new friends. Yay Megan!! :-)

My friend Tammy had her baby , Isabella Ann, on Sunday, she's so cuuuute!! Congrats Tammy!!

Not much else to tell on the homefront. Things are going well. I hosted Thanksgiving this year for the first time. I think it went was nice to be with my family and I enjoyed it. Didn't have much left over turkey so I guess Scott did a good job!!

Gotta run, going to be late for work if I don't get a move on!! Love to all!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Oh soooo funny!!!

Ok, I found this in my basement last night in Megan's play area. I walk down the stairs and see this...I about die laughing!!!!! I so had to get a picture! I'm guessing it's from the new line, Hostage Ken and Kidnapper comes with a cotton candy scented ransom note and a pink duffel bag of cash.

So funny!!!

I am all alone at the time so I had to wait til much later to ask her about it. She started laughing and explained her and a friend were playing Superheroes and were going to rescue him but then she had to leave so the game didnt get finished!! whew, I was wondering if I should be worried!! LOL!!!

Just had to share!

Monday, November 2, 2009

cont'd pics


Wow, haven't been on here in awhile! Hope everyone is doing well. Just been super busy and neglecting my blog. Wanted to post some pics today. I have a bunch!! The ones with Megan and Matt Grevers (Olympic gold medalist) was from early October when she got to meet him at a special swim event and got to swim with him ( I briefly entertained the idea of fake drowning so he could save me(hubba hubba) but thought better of it). Then there's family pics that my friend Sherri took of us, and Halloween pics where Scott and I dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf as Granny (we won 1st place in the costume contest! yay us!!! ) at Pj's. Fun fun!!! October flew by didn't it??? wow! Thanksgiving is around the corner!! Hope everyone has a great week :-) Thanks for checking in with me!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Hello Fall...

It's been a little chilly the last couple of days! Guess Autumn has arrived! I actually love this time of year!! I think most of you know that already and do not need me to repeat any mushy gushy giddiness about pumpkins and fall colors and chilly air with warm sweaters and all that good stuff I love!! :-) oooh and homemade apple crisp and scented candles that smell like baked yummies...... :-)

Well tomorrow Scott and I will celebrate our 14th wedding anniversary. Time sure does fly by. What do you get someone for the big 1 4 ?? Unfortunately I already know what the big "gift" is...a new radiator for Scott's truck. woohoo... not that I am bitter or anything!! :-)

Megan's first swim meet of the new season is this weekend. Our whole weekend is FULL of swim stuff actually!!!

Poor Megan lost a fight at school with a soccer ball and came home with a busted lip yesterday. I felt so bad for her. She said the teacher came over and asked if she was all right and she said " I just got hit the face with a ball. No I am not all right. " ( that's my girl) so she got sent to the nurse (and missed the rest of PE which she didn't mind) She's got a nasty little cut but she's Ok.

Thanks to Shawndel and to Debbie for the anniversary cards!! Loved them!!

Big hugs!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Labor Day pix

Tammy & me
Heather & me
me, Heather, Dustin, Tina, and Paul in the back
my sis Deb & me!

howdy ya'll!

Well pre-k started back up on Tuesday......I just love this age! They are so stinkin cute!! So far it's going good. We had one "melt down" on the first day. This little boy was so excited when he got on the bus, then we pulled out of his driveway and he started crying. I tried to calm him down but he just wanted his mommy. ( poor lil guy!) he cried all the way to school.Yesterday when we went to get him his mom walked him down the drive and he saw the bus and bolted!! She caught him and he was yelling " I'm not going!!!" She got him walking back to the bus again and he got right by the bus and threw his bag and she went to get it and he took off again and she was chasing him through the yard and he's zig zagging and she keeps missing him and he made it back to the house and grabbed onto the porch screaming " no I'm not going to school!!! Nooooo!!! " Finally she decided to take him herself. The driver and I were laughing so hard watching her chase him all over. He's a quick one!! We'll see how today goes!! He is so tiny and just scared to death, poor thing! I've got several kiddos I had last year. My little sweet boy from last year got on and said " Oh Tacie I am just so excited to see you!" he soooo got brownie points for that!! He's the one last year who said we should go out for dinner together but I'd have to drive. Heehee!

Went to the Labor Day parade (over 2 hours) a little disapointed, they don't have all the floats like they used to. Got to see some friends I havent seen in years! That was really cool. Also got to see dad and my sisters and their kids. So it was a great day!

It's been so foggy the last 2 days, I hate it! makes me want to crawl back into bed, if the sun's not shining does that mean I have to get up??? UGh!! :-)

well better get going, I'll post a few pics then back to work!!! Love and hugs to all!!

Friday, September 4, 2009


Hello!! Just wanted to tell you all to have a safe and wonderful weekend! I am looking forward to 3 days off! Might even go to the Labor Day parade on Monday.

Megan starts up with swim practice tonight. Time to get back into that groove after being off for a few weeks. Poor kid is all stuffed up too, hopefully just allergies and we don't get into a full blown cold. I know my sinuses have been complaining! But the weather has been so nice!

Take care & enjoy the end of summer cook outs !!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Back at it!

Back to school and work ! Our first day was Tuesday. So far so good I guess. Megan's trying to get adjusted to Jr High and juggling all the changes that go along with it. Already brought home fundraiser stuff the 2nd day of school! I think I might be challenged a bit with my routes but actually that's pretty typical.

Thanks to all my friends putting up with yet another email change from me! Guess I am lucky ya love me!! Even though Mae wants to boycott me!

Just a quick check in!! Need to do a few things then fix dinner, it's spaghetti night per Megan's request!

Thanks for checking in with us! God Bless!

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Ok, so I mixed my sister's anniversary dates up, thinking Debbie's was the 15th, when it's the 25th, Carla's is Sept 15th, DUH! So hey I'm not late and may get you a card out yet Deb!! LOL
I know sometimes it surprises me I can even dress myself.....geesh!! Sorry about that!

Happy b-day to Lisa D!! it IS your b-day right??? LOL! have a good one!

Biggest sympathy, hugs, and blessings going out to Angie & her family. They had to put their beloved pet down. I know how bad that hurts!! So sorry...

I need to get off of here, I need to go grocery shopping. YUCK!! I hate it!! Wal-Mart just sucks the life right outta me I tell ya! Maybe I could go tomorrow..........wait, no my Procrastinaters Unite meeting is tomorrow....ah heck, I can do that the next day....heeheee....

later gaters.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Where did our Summer go??

Wow, Summer went by quick! It feels like I blinked and now it's time to start school again. I know I haven't been doing well keeping up my blog. I haven't been scrapbooking either! What's wrong with me?? LOL

Well I am finally feeling better after a bout with a very nasty virus. At first the Dr thought I might have viral meningitis! SCARY! But finally decided I had a virus of sorts, vertigo and sinus infection. Yay me????? Anyway after about 2 weeks feeling like kaka I am doing better. We went to the fair last night and got to see 2 white tigers, they were amazing!! Megan got to feed them. She was freaked out!! and arent we good parents............(Megan) "I dont want to feed them I am scared!" (us) "just do it, it's a once in a lifetime opportunity, dont worry there's a fence between you and 1000 lbs of tiger! have fun!"
Anyway, I thought it was super cool!! I have a video of it but I don't know how to get it on here?? So maybe I will have Scott help me later.

I hope everyone has had an enjoyable summer! Ours was filled with swim practices, bowling, and movies!! We saw a lot of movies this summer! Transformers 2, land of the lost, Ice age 3, Harry Potter, ....think that's it! mmmmmmmmmmmm, movie popcorn................oh...what was I saying?? :-) Megan wants to see Aliens in the attic, Shorts, and G Force. She's also been reading a book series this summer called Animorphs. There's 54 books in the series. I've been reading a series by MaryJanice Davidson about a vampire queen , it is hilarious!!! If ya dont like cursing though don't bother reading these books! Queen Betsy has a potty mouth!!

Well Megan is all ready to start Jr.High on Tuesday. I can't believe it!! seems like only yesterday she was making butt prints in her play dough and smearing marshmallows on the TV.......

oh before I forget, Happy Belated Anniversary to Debbie and Chuck!! sorry sis, didnt get you a card made!

Better get going...I'll try to get that video up soon!
Thanks for checking in!!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

more of Chicago

these are my fave pix of Megan in Chicago!!!


Since I'm on here thought I'd post some pix from Chicago. We went a couple weeks ago since Scott was there for class. Meg and I took the train and met up with him. There's Megan waiting for the train and then when we got there we went to Willis (Sears) Tower. Those new clear boxes you can stand in are freaky!

Goodbye Old Friend........

We are sure going to miss this lovable dog!! Sadie passed yesterday so we're all a bit weepy in this household. We got her as a pup back in 1996. Now she's in God's yard playing with Jake and eating chicken. :-) Miss ya Woo Dog!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Scrap page of Amelia

here's a page I made of Amelia....and it's not digital!! I finally did an actual paper page for a change! woohoo!

me and some of my peeps!

had dinner with the girls last Friday night. Had a great time! Nice to see some old friends and catch up! Mae, Trisha, me and Beth. and yes I got my hair all whacked off again! LOL

It's July already?

wow. Well, Happy 4th of July everybody! :-) Better say it now because you know I wont be posting again anytime soon! I've been a bit of a slacker!
I finally got some pics off of my camera (and I have a new camera on the way!! woohoo!! I knew Scott would cave eventually!) The first pics were taken at my Dad's & the last 2 at Scott's grandpa's. Yes that is Scott with his Dad...can't tell they are related huh?? LOL
Last Thursday Megan and I took Sadie for walk around the neighborhood. BAD IDEA>>>>>
some other dogs decided they wanted to come play! This big black lab came running up behind me and took me out! I was on my back before I knew it! OUCH! right there in the road. I have been so sore! Luckily he was just "over friendly" and not mean but dang.......after he knocked me down he was all over me. Not a fun walk back home. I dont know where he belongs and I know we're in the country so lots of people leave their dogs free to roam....but we DON'T. So no more doggie walks for us....
I can't believe this weather! We went from 100 to 70! I am not complaining! Loving the break from the heat. Although it is chilly to swim!
Hope you all have a great holiday w/e and be safe and have fun! Thanks for stopping by! Oh and I added a gadget to the right where you can "follow" my blog. I didnt even know about it til I had a follower!! LOL!! (Hi Steph!!) Anyway I changed the title to "people who are stalking me" (heehee) so I dont know much about it, but it's there if you want to sign up for it! :-)

Big Hugs! T~

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Yeah, we're THAT good....

My kiddo is sooo good at bowling, she made 2 gutter balls yesterday..........with the bumpers up!! LOL!! Now I am pretty impressed by this. We've both been bowling about 100 (yes with bumpers.) We're that good.....hardy har har. The main thing is we've been having FUN! After morning swim practice we're doing some bowling. Signed her up at and she gets 2 free games per day!
I'm still w/o a camera but I am getting pretty darn close to cracking Scott. I should have a new one soooon. :-) Scrapbookers need cameras!
Wow it has been so hot lately! If this is June what's the "dog days of summer" in August going to be like??
My friend Hiede will be home visiting from Texas soon and we're planning a girls night July 3rd. That's going to be so much fun!
I am all over the place tonight aren't I? The sun is frying my brain! Saturday we were at a swim meet for 6 hours out in full sun! HOT HOT HOT!! We all got some nice tans (burns). We thought we'd be smart and go buy a canopy for after the meet we bought one and took it home and put it together. NOT going to happen. It was lots of pieces and a pain in the rump. So Scott took it back and went and got another one. This one was perfect!! We were all set! Then Megan got sick and we didnt go to the meet. At least we are prepared now. Luckily Megan is feeling all better.
Ok I'm going to get off of here before I go off on some other subject randomly. Later peeps.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

oops! My Bad......

wow, it's been almost a month since I posted last! I have been really busy (obviously) and havent had the chance! School ended the 29th and Megan and I have been busy enjoying the beginnings of Summer Vacay!! We've had lots of "family get togethers" w/ Jody and the kids and Angie and the kids and my Dad. Plus swim practice and meets. I subbed yesterday for Sherri and had to drive the school van with the muffler dragging the ground! UGH!! It was just hanging there.........told the bossman and he said there was no other choice I had to drive it. OMG!! I was a nervous idiot! Listening to the draaaaagggingg and buuuumping all fun!!! And people getting all pissy ( I drove slower and had my hazards on so people would be aware to not tailgate me!) and of coarse people had to tell me the muffler's hanging. No sh*t..............really?? hadn't noticed.
I think Sherri owes me.... LOL.
I had some pics I wanted to put on here but my camera isn't working right. whenever I try to use it the shutter closes and makes a weird noise and nothing happens. We were at Scott's Grandpa's b-day party a couple weeks ago and I tried to get pics, I got like 5 and that was after Scott threw it on the floor! He says I just have to beat it for it to work. Great. (maybe I should drag it behind the van???????) Anyway, I want a new camera and he says I don't need one. (rolling my eyes....whatever!) I DO need one! I went to use it today at Dad's and it wouldnt work so I beat the crap out of it and it worked briefly. Now the pics wont come off when I try to upload to the computer. Even after abusing it............... *sigh* I hurt my damn hand! LOL Maybe I should sub more this summer and make me some moolah and just go buy a new one! Maybe I should drop it EXTRA hard and shatter it...........then I would HAVE to get a new one right???? Nah, Scott would so totally guess I did that!! :-)~ He knows me too well!!

Before I forget, HAPPY GRADUATION to my nephew C.J.! Out in the real world now.....scary yet exciting! Best luck in college!! and HAPPY 8th Grade GRADUATION to my niece Taylor. Yeah, you guys Rock, I know!! :-)~

Well I will try not to wait a month before posting again! I've got a ton of emails to go through and a kid who's Bored. Out of school for 2 weeks and she's boooored. So we're going to play here in a bit.

Thanks for stopping by!!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

100 & counting...

wow, I just realized yesterday was my 100th posting on here! (cue confetti and party blowers!) Happy posting to me!!! woohoo!!

What a day......I had to work while Scott & Megan went to St Louis Science Center for a field trip. ( I had to sub for another driver today & couldn't go!) Just got a call that one of the busses wont start so they will be about 45 mins later than expected cause they are all piling onto 1 bus. Lucky for Scott he rode w/ some other parents (but he'll have to wait at the school for Megan.) While I was subbing today I realized I will take my lovable~ but sometimes unruly~ pre-k kids and special ed over obnoxious teenagers any day! whew!!! Calgon (and tequila) take me away!!! :-) hardy har har.

Monday, May 11, 2009

mom's day

Just sharing a few pics!! Hope all the moms out there had a great day! Look how tall my daughter is getting!!!

medieval times

The kid had a swim meet near Chicago this w/e so after the meet on Saturday we went to Medieval times . We had the best time! Lots of fun! Most of the pics we have are on our phones so haven't gotten them on the computer yet. Anyway, it was really cool! Then Sunday we went to Chicago to Shedd Aquarium. Very nice Mom's day w/e. :-)

Meg's poem

A Mothers Day poem for my Mommy written by Megan.

How I Love You

My love is like a summer wish
I always love to give you a kiss
Your as beautiful as the ocean
You always give a helping notion

Our love is like summer time
I wouldn't spend it with a dime
You always cook the best meals
You like to find great deals

I love to see you smile
You always pick the prettiest tile
I know you like purses
You hardly ever say curses

Just like roses are red
And violets are blue
I love you
And you love me too

Saturday, May 2, 2009

better late than never!

yeah ok, so I know Halloween was several months ago, but I am just now scrapping these cute pics Jody sent me of the kidlets. They are so cute!! Who knows, maybe next month I'll tackle Christmas photos!

Thursday, April 30, 2009


Scott and Megan trying out the new ball yesterday ( yes there actually was a moment it wasn't raining! ) The second picture cracks me up!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

happy feelings

just something I was working on today. That's our fat cat( that nobody ever sees because he hides from everyone but us!!) Last time I weighed him he was 19 lbs!