Monday, August 25, 2008

don't cry over spilled milk.....right??

Ok, but what if I WANT to??? UGH! Unloading groceries today and the milk fell out of the truck and I swear it exploded all over me!! So, when did they install bombs into gallons of milk anyway?? It was quite a mess! It hit the drive which is rock(ok mostly dirt) and so I had a nice milk/dirt/rock smoothie all over my legs and my new shoes!! This after a rather stressful morning anyway. And so yes, I felt like crying over spilled milk. Anybody got cookies to go w/ that??

Thursday, August 21, 2008

one more to show off!

ok here's another LO I did today...I'm on a roll....I'm scrap happy! heehee!!! I used a template( it gives you the basic outline and you fill in w/ your own papers , embellishments and pics of coarse!) The template from
the papers and flowers are from Tiff Tillman at Little Dreamer Designs.

My adorable niece Elizabeth

yep, I used another QP for this, I know I am such a cheater today!! LOL anyway, the QP is
Created by Ellie Lash. she has awesome stuff and is listed in my favorite sites!

My nephew Wesley

I love this page!!! I used a QP by LLIELLA (Allie Llacer) from

monkey business

more Amelia pages! Done w/ a kit called monkey baby by Tina Raparanta from Really cute kit !!! and I know you have already seen the pics but I figured I'd scrap them up and show them off!! I have done good too, I actually did like 5 pages today and got them printed !! woohoo! That's a big deal for me to actually get them printed too!! LOL

scrap LO

I used a QP created by Kelley Mickus and distibuted by All Things Visual and then just added the pics and the quote and journaling. It's a quick fix!! ( a QP for my nonscrappy friends is a quick page where most of the stuff is already there! and LO means layout) It's not as fun as making your own pages but like I said, makes for a quick fix when you want to scrap something!! Or ya know, feeling lazy! LOL!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

smile in my heart

another page I made today using a kit called Smile In My Heart by Beth Nixon.

Teddy bear wrestling!

Just wanted to show off this LO I made today!!! I used a kit called renewel from Little Dreamer Designs, by Michelle Coleman. I love her kits!!! (don't those papers just make ya happy??) And I started w/ a great freebie template from Oscraps by Wendy W. cool huh??

I had alot of fun w/ this page!! Just wanted to share!!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

pics of Amelia

Took these at the park too. cute cute!

more pics!

the first pic is the kiddos all tuckered out on the way back home from the creek! Then some pics at the park.


I'll have to post a couple at a time cause I can't seem to get it to work posting more than that at once today! grrr!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Death Dogs & the Lawn Mower of Doom!

Nothing says "Back to school" like a backpack w/ skulls and poodles on it!! Yep, we found the perfect backpack - which is essential for starting a new year. It's her fave color and looks really cool! we saw it at Target and she was like "That's it! That's the one I want!" it is really pretty , then I looked at it and I was like " skulls and poodles, interesting combo!" and she said " it's death poodle! beware!" So we got a good laugh and got the bag! I have to admit the black and white part does remind me of rub ons or stamps, something to do w/ scrapbooking! ( It's a sickness I know. )

And onto the lawn mower of doom.......sigh.....I went to mow today and as I was mowing along my merry way, the mower suddenly got slower, made a big BANG and started squealing and then I was engulfed in ALOT and I mean ALOT of smoke!!! It was crazy!!! It was making this awful noise and the smoke was just rolling! I was like " Oh no it's gonna blow!" and jumped off and sprinted for the house thinking if it actually caught fire I was screwed and would be calling 911. Scott of coarse isn't here, he's working out of town today. I called his friend , he asked me if I went to see if it would start again, are you kidding me? I am too damn scared to go back out there!! So after laughing at me he gave me his best diagnosis and then I called Scott. What should I say?? "hey honey, do you know how much I looove you?? I blew up your mower!" So I just told him how nice it was of me to try and mow the yard but something I told him my frightful story and he just laughed at first, before the realization set in that we now have to buy a new mower. All Megan had to say was " Cool!! you really blew up the mower????" To which I had to explain that it's not literally blown into pieces in the backyard! Then it was less exciting. was enough excitement for me!!!

Friday, August 1, 2008

check this out

check out the funny font video on her blog!! heehee! It's that stupid humor that always gets me....