Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hump day

It's hump day. Yep that middle of the week speed bump to get over to get closer to the weekend. I am so ready for the weekend, sleeping in sounds soooo good right now! Our last real weekend to sleep in before the swim meets start and we're up and at em even on Saturdays.
Our 13th wedding anniversary is next Tuesday, maybe I can talk the hubby into taking me out for dinner this weekend since the kid will have swim practice that night. Have to think about what yummy place I want to eat at.
Things have been busy so I haven't blogged much. Things are going OK, DH is getting better everyday since surgery. He goes back to work next week. M's doing great in school and busy getting ready for her first swim meet. I'm trying to keep up w/ everyone and stay sane at work. My house needs a major cleaning but here I sit!! I don't even want to look at my scrap area!! it's too overwhelming to even think about today! whatta mess!!!
well just checking in and I made a page this morning of my friend's DD. Loved the photo and had to do something w/ it!! Great photo Heather!!! :-)
I used a kit called Back to Reality from Little Dreamer Designs.
well have a great day and thanks for stopping by!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

about a flower

This LO has taken me over 2 months to make. Not because of my usual indecision over papers and embellishments, or what goes where. Because of the emotions behind it. I wanted something very simple , something that perhaps just "speaks" to me to remind me things are OK. Every time I tried to work on it I would get emotional and close the program. Today seemed like a good day to finish it. Maybe today I needed to be "spoken" to.

ok just one more!!! heehee

I like this one, not tweeking it! LOL Love these papers!! I found them at by Corina Nielsen Designs. I used a template to start w/ but now I can't remember from where! I'll have to look!

More LO's to share!

here's a couple more I did recently. I got the kits from
she is one of my favorite designers. I love her work!!! I love the way the "moments" one turned out, the other one I may tweek a bit. Not sure if I am happy with that....I feel it may be lacking something.


Hello! Just wanted to share a LO I made yesterday of my friend's DD, isn't she gorgeous! I used a mini kit called "colorful" by claudi designs . The swirlie word art is from lollipop designs.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

catch them apples!

ok, here's a little something to do if you are bored! It reminds me of Eggomania for Atari that I used to play a s a kid, just no crazy bird! LOL!

apple season

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


sorry, couldn't think of a title for my post. :-)
Haven't been on here in awhile. Decided to mess w/ changing it up again. I just can't leave well enough alone ya know?
We've been quite the busy bees lately. Sick too, which was not fun!
Our DD made the swim team!!! YEY!! woooohoo, HOOPLAH (there I tied in my title w/ my post!!)
We are all excited about that! That's going to keep us running! 3 nights a week I think for practice and meets on the w/e's. Us busy bees will get busier I guess. As long as she enjoys herself and we get to be loud and cheer her on, we'll do it! HOOOPLAHH!! Sorry, had one more in me I had to get out! :-)
well enjoy your week everybody(that everybody includes about a total of 5 people who read my blog). Oh and let me know if ya like the new look or not. I am undecided!