Friday, December 9, 2011

thanks Yahoo!!

I clicked on my Yahoo browser this fine morn to be welcomed by the usual plethora of newsworthy tidbits. But there was one thing this morning that caught my eye!! ( no pun intended, hehee) 

My first reaction was "WTH is that!!????"  Followed by" ohhhh I wonder if this is the mysterious one eyed trouser trout I have heard so much about?…." then onto " oh maybe it's a long lost cousin of Mike Wazowski!!! Are they making a Monsters Inc 2??"

Sorry Mike, I don't have the answer to that one!! ANYHOO…….it is actually a one eyed albino shark! 
I believe the scientific term is " Freakywhitecyclops" derived from the latin phrase " That s*#t is weird man" but I would have to research that to be sure.  I certainly wouldn't want to blog false facts.  ha! 

so I just wanted to thank Yahoo for popping up and scaring the beejebees out of me first thing in the morning and giving me something to blog about!! :-) 
Have a great day friends and keep your eye out for wordly news!! hehee


  1. that thing is super cute, but scary too lol


  2. Its a ventriloquist act they are taking on the road! Or water


  3. hahaha!!!!that was funny!!!!You really ought to write a book….


  4. lol 4 realz?! Crazy!


  5. You seriously should have become a have natural talent. ♥ it!