Wednesday, September 14, 2011

out of the mouths of babes........

Have I ever mentioned how funny it can be working with little kids??? Sometimes I forget how fun it can be when they are having a bad day and acting out. I was reminded today!!  we will call the boy J.

J. "hey know what I want for my birthday?"

me " nope what do you want for your birthday J?"

J. " I want a hooker for my birthday!"

me  { sitting there looking at him unsure what to say} "did you say a hooker?"

J. "Yep! A hooker! Or a wench. "

me {starting to get concerned here} " J, what exactly are you talking about?"

J. " you know a thingie that goes on the back of a truck to pull stuff? That thing. I want a hooker to pull stuff." {and he is making a little hook motion}

Me  " OH, you mean a hook?? "

J. " yeah a hook!!! I want a hook! That would be cool to pull stuff with daddy's truck!"

Glad we got that cleared up!!!!! Ya never know, last week he asked me if I wanted to hear a song about his wiener. I just said NO. maybe it was just the Oscar Mayer song?


  1. I love this kid@!!!! I hope he keeps the stories coming...that is funny!!