Saturday, February 18, 2012

feeling a little blue………or maybe not…..depends on the text

Hello there peeps!! Know it's been awhile, life just gets busy sometimes!! Plus Megan and I have been sick. I am so ready for summer! Not that I wanna wish away my days or anything, just ready for the warmth & being away from all the germs at school. I'm especially ready to be off the bus for awhile, it will be nice to not get snotted on ! LOL

Speaking of busses…..I am about to throw Angie under one! heehee :-) I love that girl!! she sends me a text one day last week asking me why I was so blue. I'm like ok, that's random, last I checked I'm doing fine! So I text her back " Um, cuz I been eating smurfs???" I should mention we are also on a group text with Tina. So Angie's like "har har" and says "because of the chocolate cake pic you sent that said this chases the blues away! You goober!"  I text back " I didn't send you a cake pic! maybe it was Tina!" Tina replies "???????" then calls me, " wtf is she talking about? what cake?" I'm like I have no idea!! LOL So then Angie gets all flustered and realizes it was a text from someone else! SSOOOOOO, Tina and I decide to google pics of choc cake with blue icing and send them to her phone!! heehee!! we are such smart asses I know!!! :-)  Thank you Google for the plethora of cakes!!

this one is so angry!!! 

I think the cake fairy just crapped on this one!


Tina found this lovely cake?? WTH?? Popular at birthdays AND Sacrifices!!!! woot woot! ???

OMG! DON"T EAT THE BABY! Crawl away baby Dennis!! Crawl away!!! 

I have no idea what this is!!!! ??? LOL

Eat me!!! Eat me!!! 

Just wanted to share all these lovely cupcakes and cakes with you!! See what happens when you don't keep your texting straight??? All this from one simple text…. hehee.  We Love you Angie!!! maybe I should go on a mission to find the ugliest cake for her next b-day!!! 

OMG, yesterday ( yes this is random!) I went to Popeye's chicken ( don't judge, I wanted some Louisiana fast ok??) to get lunch for Megan and I. I order chic tenders and on the way home I was getting really hungry so was going to steal one ( Megan was at home, she wouldn't know!) and reached in and grabbed a leg! Um, ok, they gave me fried chicken! Guess I should have checked my order! So Scott calls and I am telling him about it and how it's just too hard to try and eat fried chicken while driving on the interstate so guess I'll wait til I get home, BUT that I bet somewhere out there someone was eating fried chicken while driving!!!!!! So then like 4 hrs later I get a text from Tasha " eating fried chicken while driving, nooooot a bright idea…..just sayin."   OMG, is that hilarious or what??? Funny little coincidence that one!!! I was cracking up!( Of coarse I also said to Scott that people who probably eat fried chicken while driving have greasy steering wheels and have kids who smell like sour milk. SORRY, I apologize for that! I can assure everyone Tasha's boys never ever smelled like sour milk. )

Well I hope everyone has an awesome wknd! And to my friends whom I love and adore, Keep those texts a'comin! I give it about 3 mins and I will be getting a text from Angie or Tasha calling me a b*tch! LOL!!