Wednesday, June 22, 2011

More random blogging.........with pictures!!

 What??? It's almost the end of June already??? Megan and I have been sickie, so we haven't even done anything fun yet!! Driving me batty!!  I am already starting my panic mode of going back to school! LOL We gotta get to havin some fun!! The first 2 weeks of summer the cicadas were soooo bad we didn't even get to enjoy the pool, now the weather is working against us! Guess I can't complain today, nice temp, cooler breeze, Meg and and I picked blackberries along the fence line.
Megan loves to pick them, just not eat them!! I think they are yummy!!!! let's just hope we dont get poison ivy, that would really tick me off!!!  Found a patch of wild strawberries, guess that's why it's bunny central around here. Luna enjoyed running around in the "big yard" , she is a goofy pup!! she has to find the biggest sticks ( more like branches) to play fetch with and about knocks you over!! I might need protective gear to play fetch!!

Have to share the picture tray frame I made last wknd, it was fun at first then a little frustrating!! Not sure I will make any more of them!!!!
It's kinda pretty I think, but being I am my own worst enemy, I keep second guessing it! So I like it, then I don't!! LOL Why do I do that???

Suppose to go on a 12 hr crop on Saturday if things go as planned. Maybe get some more pages and projects done. I found some of my parent's wedding pics, want to do something with those and make copies for my sisters.
Going through old photos makes me feel all weepy, but I want to scrap these things! June 9th would have been their 50th wedding anniversary.

Ok, I have been growing my nails out, always got short stubby nails, now they are long..........I think I am going to have to go back to stubby!! Typing and texting are driving me a little nutty!! So not used to having nails!!!

My friend Tasha moved to Florida, Tina and I are alllll ready to hit the beaches with her
do you think she would run in the other direction??????? LOL!!

wow, I am really random..........

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