Thursday, July 30, 2009

more of Chicago

these are my fave pix of Megan in Chicago!!!


Since I'm on here thought I'd post some pix from Chicago. We went a couple weeks ago since Scott was there for class. Meg and I took the train and met up with him. There's Megan waiting for the train and then when we got there we went to Willis (Sears) Tower. Those new clear boxes you can stand in are freaky!

Goodbye Old Friend........

We are sure going to miss this lovable dog!! Sadie passed yesterday so we're all a bit weepy in this household. We got her as a pup back in 1996. Now she's in God's yard playing with Jake and eating chicken. :-) Miss ya Woo Dog!!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Scrap page of Amelia

here's a page I made of Amelia....and it's not digital!! I finally did an actual paper page for a change! woohoo!

me and some of my peeps!

had dinner with the girls last Friday night. Had a great time! Nice to see some old friends and catch up! Mae, Trisha, me and Beth. and yes I got my hair all whacked off again! LOL

It's July already?

wow. Well, Happy 4th of July everybody! :-) Better say it now because you know I wont be posting again anytime soon! I've been a bit of a slacker!
I finally got some pics off of my camera (and I have a new camera on the way!! woohoo!! I knew Scott would cave eventually!) The first pics were taken at my Dad's & the last 2 at Scott's grandpa's. Yes that is Scott with his Dad...can't tell they are related huh?? LOL
Last Thursday Megan and I took Sadie for walk around the neighborhood. BAD IDEA>>>>>
some other dogs decided they wanted to come play! This big black lab came running up behind me and took me out! I was on my back before I knew it! OUCH! right there in the road. I have been so sore! Luckily he was just "over friendly" and not mean but dang.......after he knocked me down he was all over me. Not a fun walk back home. I dont know where he belongs and I know we're in the country so lots of people leave their dogs free to roam....but we DON'T. So no more doggie walks for us....
I can't believe this weather! We went from 100 to 70! I am not complaining! Loving the break from the heat. Although it is chilly to swim!
Hope you all have a great holiday w/e and be safe and have fun! Thanks for stopping by! Oh and I added a gadget to the right where you can "follow" my blog. I didnt even know about it til I had a follower!! LOL!! (Hi Steph!!) Anyway I changed the title to "people who are stalking me" (heehee) so I dont know much about it, but it's there if you want to sign up for it! :-)

Big Hugs! T~