Monday, August 29, 2011


Sorry folks, I'm in a venting mood today!! My post title says it all!!!! Here are some seriously?? moments to make your day better (because you aren't me) I'll start off small as to not overwhelm the masses.

1. why do people feel the need to pay their respects to the dearly departed by writing their condolences on the bathroom stalls at Godfather's pizza? Isn't there a more appropriate place for that? As I am sorry for your loss, I do not wish to read about your loved ones while I am peeing. Same goes for preaching to me about Jesus being my Savior. I am aware of this being I am a spiritual person, but I do not need reminding as I reach for the toilet paper. What happened to just your basic "for a good time call Jenny at 867-5309(iiine)????? Or possibly, just stop writing in the pooper ok?? seriously??

2. Went out for dinner Friday night, had the worst waitress/service and when Scott said something about the orders being wrong the waitress starts crying and says it was all the cook's "f'n" fault and the bartenders fault, etc etc.....this went on for awhile, then we ask for the manager twice before she comes over , talk to her, still didn't get all our food, and here comes the cryer again to bawl that she gets upset when her customers are unhappy and she should just quit because everyone there is talking crap about her and says she is a b**ch and trying to get her fired.  Seriously??????? We don't need to know all that! A simple, " I'm so sorry for your wait and the mix ups" would do! Stop crying and bring me my wings! Then Scott feels bad for her cause she is a crying mess and leaves her a $20 tip! again, seriously?? I told him he got played! But hey, we got $2 off coupons! woo hoo! (a mini seriously?)

3. shopping at Old navy, got 3 shirts, she overcharged me quite a bit, when I said something she got all pissy with me and I showed her the sale sign, she finally said " Fine, I don't know what that sign is for but if it makes you feel better I will just take the money off and give it to you for that price." Um, yeah thanks that would be great!! Since the sign reads "Henley ruffled shirt on sale for $7.50, get em while they last!" and lookie, I have a ruffled Henley shirt in my hand! Amazing! Seriously?? Not like I was trying to steal the stupid ruffled shirt. She seemed a bit ruffled.........maybe customer service isn't her cup of tea.  I already regret buying the peace sign shirt, wore it today (should have tried it on first) and as it is really cute, the giant frilly peace sign seems to attract more attention to my tah tah's than I would like. People will look at me and say " seriously???"

4. Megan's eyeglasses broke Sat night, right at the arm and frame. Not good, we don't have a 2nd pair since her vision changes every year. Eye place of coarse isn't open on Sunday. Megan really needs her glasses too! So we tried soldering them, hot glue, scrapbook glue dots, mega cable glue, and finally epoxy which is holding them together, barely, I doubt they last the day. So I called the eye place this morning. They said they wouldn't order new frames even though they are under warranty until they have seen them. Then they would try to fix them and if that didn't work then they would order frames. So I call Scott, he goes in there, her frames will be here on Wednesday!! ( I love this man!) BUT they said since we tried fixing them ourselves our warranty might be void now and we will have to purchase them. Seriously?? what were we suppose to do? She really does need them. So now we gotta wait and see what happens on Wednesday! Scott said if the warranty is void he is going to call the company and let em have it! ( you go Scott!)

5. shopping with Jennifer at the mall, we are at Deb's looking at purses (on sale!!!) and we find the same purse, we both love it, so we decide to get them but mine says it is $5 and hers says $10. So we go to the cashier, I explain we wanted these but were wondering if the price is actually $10 or $5 and I say " what is it actually?" an she looks at me all weird and says (get this you will love it) " um, .....they are.... purses.   "       REALLY??? I had no idea!!!! Purses? Who knew????? This is where I took a deep breath and said " yes I know what they are, I would like to know how much they are."  So she looks at them and says " this one is 5 and that one is 10" Me, " yes but they are the same purse ." her, " No they aren't they have different numbers on them. Weird huh? They look identical,  hey I just work here I don't make the rules or the prices."  Ok, deep breath again ( and mini movie playing in my head of taking said purse and stuffing it over her head) Anyway to shorten the story, we got the purses for $5 after the cashier had this epiphany that they were indeed the same purse, and after Jennifer told her to keep them. Seriously??

#6 should be about shopping with Tammy and us meeting for lunch at panera, and we went to different panera's and then my shoe broke and I had to hobble across a rock parking lot to my car with only 1 shoe, and after us trying to play MacGyver and rig up my flip flop, sent Tammy in to buy me new shoes! But I wont......  :-) (seriously!)


  1. Oh my. Can you stay at home and lock the door for a few days?
    It amazes me why people work in stores when they are obviously not customer service material.

  2. Can I just follow you Seriously! Shawndel