Tuesday, November 22, 2011

All right Debbie!!! geesh!

can't a sistah catch a break?? Even though I am sick { cough cough} my loving sister &  apparently her partner in crime Cathy, demand I blog today. Ok, so "demand" is a little harsh..... but she posted on my wall on FB, that's kinda like demanding right? Kinda like double dog daring someone on the playground ?? As long as she doesn't dare me to stick my tongue to a frozen pole I guess it's ok. ( yep a reference to the Christmas Story there! fra ra ra ra ra ra ra ra ra! ) 

what to blog, what to blog.....  oh I guess I could tell ya about going to my first Hockey game!! ( which when I texted Deb to tell her I was going I wrote " going to a hickey game later with Scott's friends! "  Note to self, please check message before hitting send. Auto correct likes to mess with me.) Anyway, loved the game!! Was really fun! despite the fact the place smelled like sweaty gym socks! ew  (another note to self, when attending sporting events where alcohol is present and you partake in said alcohol, do not wear, I repeat, DO NOT WEAR button fly jeans!! do you have any idea how confusing all those damn buttons are ????? and people look at you funny when you come out of the stall where you have been giggling and/or cursing at your pants!) Next time I am wearing sweats!! :-)

I am so glad we get a couple days off for Thanksgiving! The pre k kids have been wild! And OMG  the knock knock jokes......oh wait the knock knock joke, as in one, being told over and over and over......and over. And as a parent you know that usually a 3 yr old's jokes are so not funny, but you laugh anyway and tell them how funny they are. But, when you are bombarded by 15 kids telling you the same one over and over...and over...even a Saint would snap!! So today (I have no idea why I did this but I was desperate!!!!!) when the lil angel got on (the starter of the joke I have heard a gazillion times in 2 wks) I was starting to panic cuz she had that look....I started flapping my "wings" & clucking like a chicken to distract her! Ha! it worked! oh but wait, she finds it hilarious and keeps asking me to do it again.....so finally I said " Oh you better hide in your seat because you are a little worm and I am a hungry chicken!!" To which she replied by screaming " eat me eat me eat me eat me!!"


Ok Debbie, that's all you get for now. See you on Turkey day!! Love you!! :-)

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