Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Is it really only Wednesday?

Cause it sure feels like a whole work week already…..2 more days then off for a week for spring break!! So. Ready. For. It.

Been subbing alot, gotta tell ya, I love those pk kids! I had one yesterday that did not like me telling him to behave, so he flipped me off!! Yeah, didn't really make that issue any better huh? Ya should've seen the look on his face while he was givin me the bird, he said he didn't know what it meant but that look said otherwise. Had another girl tell me to remember this other girls name, even had me repeat it because quote " You are gonna wanna remember her name cause she gets in trouble ALOT." ( she was right too!)

Today I get to work and before I even get out of the car I dumped water all over me……..yep….get out of the car, my seat is soaked, I am soaked and Megan just looks at me and says " Hmm, it's not that bad…..oh wait, yeah you look like you peed yourself, but maybe no one will notice." Then she busts out laughing! Thanks Kid :-) I ran back home to change real quick.
 2 ……more…days……….

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Who missed me? hello? anyone? Bueller??

Holy crap!! It's been a couple weeks shy of a YEAR since the last time I blogged on here! Mostly due to I lost my writing mojo and just didn't feel like it ! And a teeny bit after not blogging for so long I just plain ole forgot! :-) Most of you know 2012 was not my friend.....or maybe it was in a tough "kick your ass" love kinda way. Truth is it came about in an almost devastating way, but now I am actually thankful ( not a mega amount of coarse, but a wee bit) that things happened the way they did. It has made me stronger, made me want to stand up for myself, made me think of what I really want and how to go about getting it. All those tears cried were cleansing, not wasted! So 2012 threw a huge curve ball at me and instead of ducking I chose to hit that sucker outa the park! With lots and lots of support from many wonderful people in my life that is! I mean seriously, have you ever seen me play ball? Not pretty!! I needed the help! :-) That ball ( who we shall name Scott ) shall now think twice before playing that game with me again!! All that being said , welcome 2013, let's be friends k? Cause I hate using sport analogies.....

Since I'm blogging, a big shout out to all those lovely ladies who helped me celebrate turning the big 4 0!! It was an awesome surprise party!! I LOVED it!! Although we may not be welcomed back to that mexican place or the bowling alley, the ole bar keep at Hometown looks forward to seeing us all again! We totally rocked that place with our mad singing skills ( and possibly our drinking skills for a few of us)! 

ok, enough for today, baby steps getting back in the groove here. Take care peeps! Much love,