Friday, February 26, 2010

It's Friday!! Can I get a woot woot???

ahhhh......Fridays, such a wonderful thing!! It's been a Caaarazy week at work ( I always love getting called a b*tch!) These teens are gonna drive me to drink!

In case anyone wondered, Megan's slumber party went fantastic! No drama! No crying! No trashed house! Gotta love it.........

Megan has a big swim meet early tomorrow morning so no sleepin in :-( but there's always Sunday! :-) Speaking of sleeping, finally used to the new bed! Still thinking I might need a step stool to get into it, but hey, it's comfy!! Although if I roll over and get to close to Scott's side he mumbles " neutral zone!" at me. There's his side, my side and the middle is neutral. It's kind of a joke with us because he says I am a bed hog when it's really HIM who is the bed hog!! After all he is always on my side when I wake up, so there!! He's the piggie! oink oink jerkie boy!! ( yeah, he never reads my blog so I am safe!!)

Well have a great w/e everyone!! Wish Megan good luck at her meet!!!

love and hugs! Tac

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

my baby is 12 today!

Happy birthday to Megan!!!!

time sure flies! had a good w/e, Megan went to a sleepover on Saturday so Scott and I had a date night! Then on Valentine's day we went to Lone Star for lunch then took Megan shopping at the mall. Her daddy spoiled her just a wee bit but that's ok. :-) She's going to have a slumber party on Sat (wish me luck!) I have a feeling w/ who all she invited there's going to be some drama goin down!

Not much time to write today, so have a great day everyone!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

When is Spring getting here???

I hate to rush things and I am not trying to wish my days away, but I am ready for SPRING!! Or at the least some nicer weather! At least it's lovely and green at my Farmville farm! :-) That reminds me, Tina jokingly asked if she could claim her farm on her taxes! heehee! Too funny! The roads were a little iffy in spots today and we were running a few minutes behind anyway because Megan forgot to print out an article for Science class and we were out of printer paper so I had her use the back of one of my time sheets! LOL, ooopsies! Do whatcha gotta do right?

Oh and BTW, the roads were not better when I left again yesterday!! But we lucked out and got to leave 5 mins early from school on my last route! woohoo! (insert sarcasm here)

well time to go! have a great day~

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

winter wonderland.....again.......

I don't know, might just be me, but when roads get plowed shouldnt they plow the whole road not just part of it??? Like maybe make room for more than one car to be driving on "road" and not in a" drift"? And yep it is still snowing.......1 route down and 3 more to go! whooppeeee!!! ( I was hoping for a snow day!)

Well, I would love to tell you I slept like a dream on my new bed last night but that isn't the case at all!! They did say to give it a week or 2 to get used to it, so I hope it gets better!! The bed is huge!!!!! It's way taller than our old mattress ( I can turn the ceiling fan and light on with my toes!!! Like monkey feet!!!!) Anyway, Scott took yesterday off to go get it and set it up before the snow hit. Of coarse when he got there the guy we'd been dealing with was gone so he got some jackass who was more worried about flirting with some girl than to help Scott (bad move slick, ya dont know my hubby) so Scott filled out the form wrote a check and when he said he'd take the bed the guy was like, we dont have it and dont know when it will be here. Scott told him we were told they were in stock and the guy was like yeah well we sold them all. SOOOOO.....Scott told him to take a flyin leap and ripped up the check and left with no bed! He called me and said we needed to find a different bed somewhere else. (yay back to square one!) So I took part of the afternoon off and met him in town where we found this other bed and it was in stock and we came home with it. We set it up and just stood there laughing!!! We have a sleigh bed and you can barely see the footboard!! LOL, yeah it's huge! I told him to please install running boards along the side so I can get in the bed. I'm sure it will take me a few nights to get used to it. Tossed and turned all night while he slept and talked in his sleep all night!! ( he has quite the potty mouth!) I'm also thinking I might need a parachute in case I fall out of bed.

Well I guess I should get going and get ready to head back out into the winter wonderland.....maybe the other side of the roads will be plowed now. :-) Have a great day!!

Monday, February 8, 2010

In case you were wondering......

I don't have stones, (diamonds, garnets or Gall) that's good news! yay me! :-)

Busy weekend meets Monday morning = tired me. We spent all w/e looking at mattresses for our bed, we need a new one badly! I figured it would be easy to pick one we liked. I was so wrong. It rates right up there (for me) w/ bra and shoe shopping! UGH!! Anyway finally decided on one (yay!!) and ordering it tonight. Next on the agenda, car shopping!! Can I get woot woot!! :-)

Suppose to get more snow today thru Wed, yippee skippee, I hate driving in all the wintery muck, I fear I'll get stuck in the work van w/ teenagers! AHHHHH!! Scary thought! If you knew the teens I am talking about you would understand my fear.....I actually just shivered at the thought.

Megan went to the mall Saturday w/ some of her friends.......I was nervous but Shae's mama was with them so it's not like they were on their own, if that was the case I would have said NO or would have stalked them thru the mall to keep an eye on my child. They did Glo Golf and build a bear and I only called her once to check in (texting doesnt count right??)

Trying to decide what to do for her b-day , she wants a slumber party which is fine but she wants to do something "fun" but unsure what to do.

Anyhoo, better get going, almost time for pre-k! Have a good day, it is Monday I know, but hang in there!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Tasha, this is for you!

ok, I KNOW I have been neglecting my blog.....shame on me, I blame it on my addiction to Facebook!! Who has time to blog after reading everyones updates and making comments and checking out new photos, etc etc...... plus I have farmville to harvest and zoo world to tend to....and all the other stuff that pops up like super farkle and sending flowers and get the idea! So Tasha, thank you for bringing it to my attention that my blog was being so rudely ignored (and yes being it is February the Christmas background had to go!!) so I apologize to my many ( 4?? 5??) blog readers out there! I should be beaten with a wet noodle and sent to bed without dessert tonight.
I have actually thinking about just saying goodbye to the whole blogging thing......apparently I'm not that good at it!! LOL!!

Anyway, it's been awhile since I posted anything, the holidays were wonderful (even though it is still rough with out Mom) and my birthday (on Jan 18th) was great! I have some amazing people in my life that I am so grateful for!! Thanks to Jody P., Sherri and Tina for my "Mini surprise party" even though I didnt realize it was for me at first....heehee :-) The cake was yummy and there's still a balloon floating around the house. January was sooo busy!!! I (whom hardly EVER goes out) had 3 girls nights in January!! The first for my b-day ( which was a total blast, I hadn't laughed so hard or drank so much in a long long time!!!("it's best just to let her finish" seems to be our new saying) , the 2nd for Mae's get together where board games totally rock and watermelon wine is actually not bad!! Then 3rd over to Sherri's for a Just For Women party......which what can I say about that?? Seen lots of interesting things and tried on lots of smell good stuff that had pheromones in it that supposedly attract your mate (woohoo) but honestly does it actually work??? apparently worked on my cat because that night he wouldn't leave me alone! He kept biting me and trying to lay on my head and had his paws in my hair and I woke up once to him trying to hump my arm!! GEESH!!! Not the kinda action one hopes for , getting violated by your cat. That is also the night I came home to find him wearing a purse though, so really, I guess my cat just has some issues at the moment. Not something you see on Animal Planet now is it???
Onto other breaking news (beep beep beep beep)
Megan has a birthday coming up!!! On the 16th my little girl will be 12!!! TWELVE!!!!!! I can't believe it!! Still doing awesome in school, hangin with a new posse as she calls it, and getting ready for Jr Districts in her swimming.She's done really well this season, very proud of her. She has shot up to about 5'5, almost as tall as me! She's taller than a few family members which she giggles about (like Aunt Angie) but I wont mention any names.... :-} She's starting to notice boys are "cute" but doesn't have a BF (cause really, what's the point in that?) and ( most of the boys at school just aren't smart enough) and my favorite, ( I don't know anything about being a girlfriend! I'm just a kid for pete's sake!) So for now Scott and I are safe! :-) Just the way we like it.....we plan on scaring all the boys away anyway...heehee. Speaking of Scott, he's doing fine, working alot and bringing home the bacon! ( Literally, we got a whole pig and a cow too!) I'm still trying to stay sane driving and monitoring all these kids around M-F. So all in all things are peachy.
I had to go have an ultrasound today, I may have gallstones (eww) so see what the Doc says about that next week. If I do have stones I hope they are either diamonds or garnets!! hardy har har! Oh c'mon I may write this garbage but YOU read it!! :-)

So in case it's awhile before I post again, Happy Valentine's Day, St Patrick's Day and Easter!!

Lots of love to you all, keep in touch and don't judge me for my facebook addiction.....