Sunday, June 12, 2011

in the land of dreams.....

ok, anyone who really knows me,  knows I have really strange dreams. Last night was no different! I dreamt I snuck off in Scott's crapyota for a joyride. I was going all out and came to the really steep road, when I get to the bottom it's covered with water and mud, I panic for a bit , realizing I can't drive a stick shift and decide what the hell? I am going for it! So I did and I made it thru! I am all excited then realize I have to go back that same way so I find a place to turn around. It happens to be a biker bar. Some big hairy tattooed covered guy comes out to chat and tells me I have one bad ass ride!! I'm all like thanks man but I gotta roll. I then realize I am now on a tricycle! And the road has become stairs??? So now I am trying to figure out how to ride my tricycle down 10 flights of stairs? So I straddle my bike and walk down! I am all proud of myself and biker dude shows back up and asks me to join their gang. So I do and then I am going down the road, them on their pimped out bikes, and me peddling my ass off on my bad ass tricycle!!

  I actually woke up sweating!!!! LOL!! so does this mean I feel like I am just running and getting no where trying to keep up with the "big dogs" in my life?? do I have a deep hidden fettish for tricycles???  Or that as usual I just have really weirdo dreams??  hmmmmmmmm, any ideas????

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  1. I dreamt last night that I borrowed my coworkers car to run a quick errand and then forgot to go back to work and give it to her and I drove it all the way home. So I just figured that I would take it back the next day. The next day when I took it back to work, it wouldn’t turn off. The key turned off but the engine kept running. Since I couldn’t be away from my desk more than 15 minutes at a time, coworkers kept taking turns with me sitting in the car so that no one would steal it!! Then when my coworker came, she called a guy that said he could fix it for 25cents!!! Then we went rummaging at another coworkers house and she had a 17ft X-mas tree that was made out of those little pom-pom balls (like used to be on the back of our socks) and tinsel and she “only” wanted $200 for it and I bought it for my friend because I felt bad about the car incident. Then I got home and went to bed and shawn left for work and then he came right back home and said that he had been “sent” home for the day. I asked if he was in trouble and he said that they had started a new policy that every day they drew one person’s name and that person got sent home for the day with pay. I was mad because I had to go to work!!

    See, you aren’t the only one with crazy dreams!!! Mine wear me out and I am still tired when I get up!