Saturday, November 14, 2009

Oh soooo funny!!!

Ok, I found this in my basement last night in Megan's play area. I walk down the stairs and see this...I about die laughing!!!!! I so had to get a picture! I'm guessing it's from the new line, Hostage Ken and Kidnapper comes with a cotton candy scented ransom note and a pink duffel bag of cash.

So funny!!!

I am all alone at the time so I had to wait til much later to ask her about it. She started laughing and explained her and a friend were playing Superheroes and were going to rescue him but then she had to leave so the game didnt get finished!! whew, I was wondering if I should be worried!! LOL!!!

Just had to share!

Monday, November 2, 2009

cont'd pics


Wow, haven't been on here in awhile! Hope everyone is doing well. Just been super busy and neglecting my blog. Wanted to post some pics today. I have a bunch!! The ones with Megan and Matt Grevers (Olympic gold medalist) was from early October when she got to meet him at a special swim event and got to swim with him ( I briefly entertained the idea of fake drowning so he could save me(hubba hubba) but thought better of it). Then there's family pics that my friend Sherri took of us, and Halloween pics where Scott and I dressed up as Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf as Granny (we won 1st place in the costume contest! yay us!!! ) at Pj's. Fun fun!!! October flew by didn't it??? wow! Thanksgiving is around the corner!! Hope everyone has a great week :-) Thanks for checking in with me!!