Monday, March 28, 2011

Oh Monday Monday........

why did you get here so fast? I wasn't done enjoying my wknd! Sometimes Monday, you can just be a real jerk. Just sayin...........

What is a good thing to blog about for Monday?

Let's talk about pet peeves! Good topic for Monday! My pet peeve for the day is SIGNS. Not all signs just signs that are advertising events that have already happened! Take them down! It's over!  Oh and political signs......ok I get you are supporting someone you want to vote for and want to share, but is it really necessary to have 12 signs in your yard? Did you do that on purpose or are they like rabbits and just multiplied?? Isn't ONE sign enough? Sometimes it makes me want to sneak in their yard at night and switch all their signs with another candidate's signs.....hehee but I wouldn't actually do that!! Instead I would make signs with one word each on them that reads  Stop  Putting  So  Many  Signs  In  Your  Yard.

Speaking of switching signs or adding to them....I laugh every time I drive by the auto parts store and see their sign that says " We have Lucas"   because I always want to add " and if you ever want him back bring me $200,000 and a banana split blizzard."

Now does everyone have the song "signs" from Tesla in your head or is it just me?


  1. Yes. Yes I do. And trust me. I will HAVE my revenge!!!! MWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Just kidding on the revenge.... you hope;-)

  2. Thats funny about the lucas thing!! Whenever I read your scrap entires I always want to hit the 'like' button but there isnt one on email!! so,


    * * * * * Jody * * * * *