Friday, April 22, 2011

Random conversations....

 Random chat Megan and I ran a few errands today. If you know me after I come out of somewhere I use my handy dandy hand sanitizer. so we get to the car , we are sitting there with the radio on and I am using my sanitizer and give some to Megan. This song comes on and.....

Megan: "I think this song is called OH MY GOD MY EYES!!!!"

me:" Huh? why do you think that?"

Megan : " Not the song MY EYES ARE BURNING!!!"

I look over at her and see her eyes were watering
Me: " Why? Are you ok"

Megan: " it's that stupid hand gel the smell is making my eyes BURN! By the way I think the song is called Come on".  Oh crap I just rubbed my face with my hands!! AHHH!"

Then we just both burst out laughing and since have been randomly yelling OH MY GOD MY EYES! at each other. BTW she was FINE,( and the song was not Come on OR Omg my eyes! )

Random posting on FB last night....talking with Mae about Vampire Diaries and I have to quote Mae here...
" Tonight's episode brought to you by the letters H, O and T. "   LOL, Love it!!

Random driving topic...pick Scott up from work yesterday on Wabash during 5 o'clock traffic he starts yelling" Just pull out!! YOUR IN THE RIGHT LANE YOU NEED TO BE IN THE LEFT LANE! THE LEFT! THE LEFT! LEFT!!

Me: "yes I know but I drive a little more cautious than you I am going to get in the left lane."

Scott " then just DO IT, LEFT LANE!"

me: "  I am driving, you aren't."

Scott:  (some weird growly sound escapes him)

we get to where we are going then I get out and let HIM drive. we pull out into traffic 

Scott: "Shoot I need to be in the right lane, dammit I can't get over!"

Me: " honey would it help you if I yelled GET IN THE RIGHT LANE??"

Scott with a very angry looking scowl  " No."

me: " yeah didnt think so."

I should probably explain he was grumpy cause his brakes went out on his truck that's why I had to go get him and go get parts. 

Random dreams: I had a dream the other night Scott was in the backyard playing kickball with 2 ostriches. ?????? seriously?? where does my subconscious come up with this stuff??? There was also a demon kitten that was after me...... ??? Maybe I watch too much Sci-Fi and Animal Planet...

I gotta say it's the random things in life sometimes that just make you smile, laugh or say WTF?

Celebrate your randomness! (especially you Angie!) Embrace your inner "I am not random, why would you, OH LOOK A KITTY!" -ness  and smile today!!! 

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  1. I swear... you need to write a daily column. I have NEVER in all my life had someone write as well or as funny as you do. That is Hysterical!!!!