Monday, March 28, 2011

Oh Monday Monday........

why did you get here so fast? I wasn't done enjoying my wknd! Sometimes Monday, you can just be a real jerk. Just sayin...........

What is a good thing to blog about for Monday?

Let's talk about pet peeves! Good topic for Monday! My pet peeve for the day is SIGNS. Not all signs just signs that are advertising events that have already happened! Take them down! It's over!  Oh and political signs......ok I get you are supporting someone you want to vote for and want to share, but is it really necessary to have 12 signs in your yard? Did you do that on purpose or are they like rabbits and just multiplied?? Isn't ONE sign enough? Sometimes it makes me want to sneak in their yard at night and switch all their signs with another candidate's signs.....hehee but I wouldn't actually do that!! Instead I would make signs with one word each on them that reads  Stop  Putting  So  Many  Signs  In  Your  Yard.

Speaking of switching signs or adding to them....I laugh every time I drive by the auto parts store and see their sign that says " We have Lucas"   because I always want to add " and if you ever want him back bring me $200,000 and a banana split blizzard."

Now does everyone have the song "signs" from Tesla in your head or is it just me?

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Praying for Japan

I've been home sick the last few days so have seen alot of the tsunami news. What a heart wrenching thing to witness. I cannot even imagine being there. I have noticed though in the midst of all that chaos the people there seem to be peaceful for lack of better words. What I mean is they are still kind to one another and no looting and no fighting. They are waiting patiently in lines for hours for food and water. I can't help to think if it was America there would be the looting and the fighting and the complaining that help wasn't happening fast enough etc etc......I think about Katrina and all the horrible press and how some people were so disrespectful. Maybe we should learn from this tragedy over in Japan. Not trying to slam our country, just an observation , and  I love our country so no hate mail please!!  I could go on but why get up on my soap box, I have said my 2 cents. I pray for the families that lost everything including the ones they loved.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Sorry Mae...& other ramblings by yours truly

I was informed by my good friend Mae that I neglected to mention our GNO at her place in January in the things I "could've written about" I am sorry Mae, just ran out of time to write everything, I had to get to work!!  But yes, we had an amazing time! I always love our January get together!! The games ROCK!!! And kudos to Melissa for guessing my "Saving Private Ryan" act!! LOL  Although I totally sucked at that headbands game it was fun too! It's always fun when we all get together and visit. Now Angie is a member  too!! :-) It was alot of fun and I can't wait til we can all get together again. We need to talk Trisha into moving closer........

I know I already mentioned this on FB but some of my friends aren't on there so I gotta tell it here too!!! Yesterday Megan and I are getting ready for work/school and it was time to let Luna in. Went to the back door to see Luna running around the yard with one of my flower pots in her mouth!! Megan looks at me all serious and says " should have talked to Luna about the dangers of pot. If you don't talk to your puppy about pot who will??"  I just started laughing! Luna may need an intervention!!!!!! :-)

Speaking of FB.....I put an add on there today. It reads " Free to good home: one husband with head up his ass. May need to pay for removal."
any guess on why my darling hubby is in the doghouse??? Anyone? Bueler? Bueler?
Ok, so Wed night he says to me him and a friend are going to go look at this truck . ( I need to rewind here a bit, see another friend bought a vehicle just for muddin over at the badlands and such. Scott of coarse is itchin to go. So him and another buddy see this crapola truck for sale and wanna check it out) Anyway back to the story, He says they are 'looking" at it and that IF they like it they are going to go half in on it and it should only be about $200. I'm like whatever, just " looking " right???? Right???? ok so I am in bed already when he gets home so yesterday morning he says as he is leaving for work he will call me later when I asked about the truck.  ( later I realize this is a sign of weakness on his part, probably wanted to remove his face from close proximity of my fists)  so he calls and is going on about how great the truck is. Oh heck with it, to make a long story shorter he informs me they didnt go half, he bought it for $500!!!!  WTF????????? Seriously????? Ok I know that may not seem like much to some of you but to me,  without even discussing it , is a big purchase. For a toy. Would he like it if I came home with $500 scrapbooking stuff?   I. Think. Not.  I think ok, maybe he is joking, until I come home and find the beast in my driveway! Of coarse he dropped it off and ran like a little girl to hide at a friends house! ( he says he was "helping" him with his truck but I say the little chicken sh*t was hiding!!!!) Not helping his case here......chicken boy. Anyway I am a little ticky about it. I know, it's not a huge deal and yeah I don't have a problem with him buying something he wants but I think a" $500 impulse buy" entitles me to gripe just a wee bit!! I feel better now, got that all out. Phew.

Oh and thanks to all the people who emailed me about my blog! Nice to know some of you out there like to read my babbling!! xoxo

have a great wknd . Peace out !  :-)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

All the things I could've written.....

My poor neglected blog!! Maybe I should just delete you? Maybe I just needed some time away? It's been a long time since I've been on here. That's life huh? Too busy or too tired or lost the blogging mojo and just ignored it! Can't promise I'll do better either!! It's not like I haven't had things to write about, just life happens and don't always have the time. I could've written about Megan doing awesome at Jr Districts and winning 3 medals!! woot woot!! So proud of her. She really is a good swimmer, but she isn't sure she wants to stick with it. Think she is a little burned out or bored. Could be summer is coming up and she hates having to get up early ALL summer to go to practice, she says it's like going to school! Trying to figure out what we are going to do about that!! Hate to see her quit, maybe we can compromise.

I could've written about our new puppy Luna! We got her in January from a shelter in Decatur. It's all my friend Sharon's fault! She was getting a pup and I looked him up on Petfinder and saw he had sisters!!! LOL Long story short, we ended up getting Luna. She is a rat terrier blue healer mix and she is HYPER!!! OMG, forgot how much work pups are. Been a long time since we had a pup. I could talk about how the first 2 weeks I was weepy and felt guilty for getting a puppy, kinda felt weird after having Jake and Sadie for so long and then them passing and getting a new puppy. I know it's been awhile but still? Anyway Luna is doing great and we love her to pieces! I am just so ready for the puppy teeth to fall out! Ouch!!!!!!!!

I could've written about how it's been almost 3 years since Mom has gone and I still miss her every day. Sometimes so much that it physically hurts my chest. I do feel blessed to have had her in my life for 35 years, some people don't have that.

I could've written about how much I am looking forward to Spring and and seeing some color!! I noticed my tulips peeking out of the ground yesterday!! yay!! hey, it's the simple things that make me smile! Then Summer will be here and I do love my summers off with Megan!! :-) Can't wait to hang out in the pool! Wonder if Luna will get in?

I could've written about how my daughter turned 13 this year and I am officially the mom of a teen! wow! Time flies!! She is such a good kid, I hope it stays that way!! I'm not sure what I'll do if she turns into a brooding mouthy teenager. LOL Everybody says when girls turn 14 a switch flips on and watch out!! Speaking of Megan , she is still doing really well in school, was October's student of the month and continues to amaze me cause I'm not sure I could do her homework! LOL algebra and I are NOT friends.............

I could've written about My MIL Jennifer getting Megan and I hooked on this dark chocolate fudge popcorn that I can't find anywhere now!!!!! It's cruel really.....

I could've written about all the wonderful people in my life and how lucky I am to have them. How they lift me up when I need a pick me up, laugh at my stupid humor , and let me be ME.

I could've talked about meeting Deb for 3rd Sunday Market and how the walking tacos were gross but the rest of the day was great and I loved spending time with my sister. I am still laughing about that ugly red pipe cleaner Santa ornament ( that later spawned the video I made for Tina about Santa T Claus) lol !

I could've written about work and all the silly things that happen that make me laugh! Of coarse I'd have to change names to "protect the innocent" .

I could've written about how I catch Megan singing while she does chores and how she sometimes gets the words wrong and I crack up! My favorite was instead of " lay down sally, rest here in my arms" she sang " Dig down sally, I'll let you ride my horse!"   Then I realized she probably gets that from me!! LOL We get quite musical around here!!

I could've written about my favorite books of the moment, love Patricia Briggs (Mercy Thompson Series) and can't wait for the latest book to get here! Or the Molly Harper series that was only 3 books and I could have read way more! Then there's the Stephanie Plum series, 17 is coming out this summer!!  ( see a pattern here, I like series!) Although since Luna has arrived my reading time has dwindled to barely nothing!!! It's hard to read when she is trying to eat the book or barking nonstop because I am not playing with her!

I could've written about our trip to New York and Niagara Falls. That was awesome!!!! So glad we got to go and see the sights! NYC was crazy!! I am so a country girl, but it was fun to see. No way to be bored there on vacation. So much to see and do. Riding the subway was kinda scary at first. LOL Megan and Shae  Hated that!!!! ) Shae is Meg's BFF that went with us! Anyway we saw the Statue of liberty from the Staten Island ferry, went to Central park , ate NY style pizza of coarse which was awesome!!, went to China town, Little Italy, Times Square, Ground Zero, Wall Street, got stuck in traffic in the Lincoln Tunnel for HOURS and I really had to pee!!! saw lots of "interesting" people, smelled lots of smells ( some very EWWW)  and stepped around passed out people on the sidewalks at night (freaky).   Niagara Falls was cool, very pretty and I loved walking in the water at 3 sisters falls ( not sure if we were suppose to but other people were doing it!!) Loved the tours and all that touristy stuff. And we got so lucky, we went in August and while it was 100 here it was in the 70's there! yay!!  On the way home stopped in Hershey, PA. Loved it! wanna go back! Beautiful place and loved the little chocolate kiss lamp posts around town! Bought chocolate scented nail polish at the chocolate museum!

OMG, there is so much I "could've " wrote about!!! Guess I just did huh??