Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Yeah, we're THAT good....

My kiddo is sooo good at bowling, she made 2 gutter balls yesterday..........with the bumpers up!! LOL!! Now I am pretty impressed by this. We've both been bowling about 100 (yes with bumpers.) We're that good.....hardy har har. The main thing is we've been having FUN! After morning swim practice we're doing some bowling. Signed her up at www.Kidsbowlfree.com and she gets 2 free games per day!
I'm still w/o a camera but I am getting pretty darn close to cracking Scott. I should have a new one soooon. :-) Scrapbookers need cameras!
Wow it has been so hot lately! If this is June what's the "dog days of summer" in August going to be like??
My friend Hiede will be home visiting from Texas soon and we're planning a girls night July 3rd. That's going to be so much fun!
I am all over the place tonight aren't I? The sun is frying my brain! Saturday we were at a swim meet for 6 hours out in full sun! HOT HOT HOT!! We all got some nice tans (burns). We thought we'd be smart and go buy a canopy for Sunday...so after the meet we bought one and took it home and put it together. NOT going to happen. It was lots of pieces and a pain in the rump. So Scott took it back and went and got another one. This one was perfect!! We were all set! Then Megan got sick and we didnt go to the meet. At least we are prepared now. Luckily Megan is feeling all better.
Ok I'm going to get off of here before I go off on some other subject randomly. Later peeps.

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