Tuesday, May 12, 2009

100 & counting...

wow, I just realized yesterday was my 100th posting on here! (cue confetti and party blowers!) Happy posting to me!!! woohoo!!

What a day......I had to work while Scott & Megan went to St Louis Science Center for a field trip. ( I had to sub for another driver today & couldn't go!) Just got a call that one of the busses wont start so they will be about 45 mins later than expected cause they are all piling onto 1 bus. Lucky for Scott he rode w/ some other parents (but he'll have to wait at the school for Megan.) While I was subbing today I realized I will take my lovable~ but sometimes unruly~ pre-k kids and special ed over obnoxious teenagers any day! whew!!! Calgon (and tequila) take me away!!! :-) hardy har har.


  1. Sounds like you guys had a blast over the weekend! That knight show sound super cool! Glad you had a great tiime you totally deserve it!!! Love you and have a wonderful week! Can I put ANY more exclamation points in??? Jeez!!!!! HAHAHAHA...... Seriously....happy belated moms day!! love you bunches and you are an awesome mom BTW!


  2. where oh where has my little tacie gone! i miss our talks!Annette