Thursday, September 10, 2009

howdy ya'll!

Well pre-k started back up on Tuesday......I just love this age! They are so stinkin cute!! So far it's going good. We had one "melt down" on the first day. This little boy was so excited when he got on the bus, then we pulled out of his driveway and he started crying. I tried to calm him down but he just wanted his mommy. ( poor lil guy!) he cried all the way to school.Yesterday when we went to get him his mom walked him down the drive and he saw the bus and bolted!! She caught him and he was yelling " I'm not going!!!" She got him walking back to the bus again and he got right by the bus and threw his bag and she went to get it and he took off again and she was chasing him through the yard and he's zig zagging and she keeps missing him and he made it back to the house and grabbed onto the porch screaming " no I'm not going to school!!! Nooooo!!! " Finally she decided to take him herself. The driver and I were laughing so hard watching her chase him all over. He's a quick one!! We'll see how today goes!! He is so tiny and just scared to death, poor thing! I've got several kiddos I had last year. My little sweet boy from last year got on and said " Oh Tacie I am just so excited to see you!" he soooo got brownie points for that!! He's the one last year who said we should go out for dinner together but I'd have to drive. Heehee!

Went to the Labor Day parade (over 2 hours) a little disapointed, they don't have all the floats like they used to. Got to see some friends I havent seen in years! That was really cool. Also got to see dad and my sisters and their kids. So it was a great day!

It's been so foggy the last 2 days, I hate it! makes me want to crawl back into bed, if the sun's not shining does that mean I have to get up??? UGh!! :-)

well better get going, I'll post a few pics then back to work!!! Love and hugs to all!!

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