Wednesday, July 1, 2009

It's July already?

wow. Well, Happy 4th of July everybody! :-) Better say it now because you know I wont be posting again anytime soon! I've been a bit of a slacker!
I finally got some pics off of my camera (and I have a new camera on the way!! woohoo!! I knew Scott would cave eventually!) The first pics were taken at my Dad's & the last 2 at Scott's grandpa's. Yes that is Scott with his Dad...can't tell they are related huh?? LOL
Last Thursday Megan and I took Sadie for walk around the neighborhood. BAD IDEA>>>>>
some other dogs decided they wanted to come play! This big black lab came running up behind me and took me out! I was on my back before I knew it! OUCH! right there in the road. I have been so sore! Luckily he was just "over friendly" and not mean but dang.......after he knocked me down he was all over me. Not a fun walk back home. I dont know where he belongs and I know we're in the country so lots of people leave their dogs free to roam....but we DON'T. So no more doggie walks for us....
I can't believe this weather! We went from 100 to 70! I am not complaining! Loving the break from the heat. Although it is chilly to swim!
Hope you all have a great holiday w/e and be safe and have fun! Thanks for stopping by! Oh and I added a gadget to the right where you can "follow" my blog. I didnt even know about it til I had a follower!! LOL!! (Hi Steph!!) Anyway I changed the title to "people who are stalking me" (heehee) so I dont know much about it, but it's there if you want to sign up for it! :-)

Big Hugs! T~

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