Wednesday, June 10, 2009

oops! My Bad......

wow, it's been almost a month since I posted last! I have been really busy (obviously) and havent had the chance! School ended the 29th and Megan and I have been busy enjoying the beginnings of Summer Vacay!! We've had lots of "family get togethers" w/ Jody and the kids and Angie and the kids and my Dad. Plus swim practice and meets. I subbed yesterday for Sherri and had to drive the school van with the muffler dragging the ground! UGH!! It was just hanging there.........told the bossman and he said there was no other choice I had to drive it. OMG!! I was a nervous idiot! Listening to the draaaaagggingg and buuuumping all fun!!! And people getting all pissy ( I drove slower and had my hazards on so people would be aware to not tailgate me!) and of coarse people had to tell me the muffler's hanging. No sh*t..............really?? hadn't noticed.
I think Sherri owes me.... LOL.
I had some pics I wanted to put on here but my camera isn't working right. whenever I try to use it the shutter closes and makes a weird noise and nothing happens. We were at Scott's Grandpa's b-day party a couple weeks ago and I tried to get pics, I got like 5 and that was after Scott threw it on the floor! He says I just have to beat it for it to work. Great. (maybe I should drag it behind the van???????) Anyway, I want a new camera and he says I don't need one. (rolling my eyes....whatever!) I DO need one! I went to use it today at Dad's and it wouldnt work so I beat the crap out of it and it worked briefly. Now the pics wont come off when I try to upload to the computer. Even after abusing it............... *sigh* I hurt my damn hand! LOL Maybe I should sub more this summer and make me some moolah and just go buy a new one! Maybe I should drop it EXTRA hard and shatter it...........then I would HAVE to get a new one right???? Nah, Scott would so totally guess I did that!! :-)~ He knows me too well!!

Before I forget, HAPPY GRADUATION to my nephew C.J.! Out in the real world now.....scary yet exciting! Best luck in college!! and HAPPY 8th Grade GRADUATION to my niece Taylor. Yeah, you guys Rock, I know!! :-)~

Well I will try not to wait a month before posting again! I've got a ton of emails to go through and a kid who's Bored. Out of school for 2 weeks and she's boooored. So we're going to play here in a bit.

Thanks for stopping by!!

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