Sunday, August 23, 2009


Ok, so I mixed my sister's anniversary dates up, thinking Debbie's was the 15th, when it's the 25th, Carla's is Sept 15th, DUH! So hey I'm not late and may get you a card out yet Deb!! LOL
I know sometimes it surprises me I can even dress myself.....geesh!! Sorry about that!

Happy b-day to Lisa D!! it IS your b-day right??? LOL! have a good one!

Biggest sympathy, hugs, and blessings going out to Angie & her family. They had to put their beloved pet down. I know how bad that hurts!! So sorry...

I need to get off of here, I need to go grocery shopping. YUCK!! I hate it!! Wal-Mart just sucks the life right outta me I tell ya! Maybe I could go tomorrow..........wait, no my Procrastinaters Unite meeting is tomorrow....ah heck, I can do that the next day....heeheee....

later gaters.

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