Tuesday, March 30, 2010

things that make you go hmmm???....

 Ever had a dream that when you woke up you were like WTH???? I had one of those last night. It made no sense and I should probably keep this one to myself....BUT.........you already know I'm kinda quirky so might as well blog it!  :-)

Ok so in my dream I am this agent of some sort, FBI, secret service, not quite sure ( but I am certainly bad ass in my bullet proof vest and Charlie's Angel hair do.) I've been on a stake out with my team and about ready to take down the "perp" I jump up and yell " Freeze! Drop your weapon!" and this weird dude is yelling at me " No!! Never! I am going to poop the president!" I was like " what?" he yells " I am going to poop the president!!" I stood up a bit and was like " I don't get it.....do you mean shoot the president? " he says " no POOP the president!!"  I said " You mean you want to poop a turd that looks like obama??" He starts yelling " I am going to poop the president!"and takes off running and I am yelling " someone get the whitehouse on the phone and tell them there's been a poop threat and to be on alert!"

then I woke up.
Guess he got away.
only so much can be done with feathered hair after all.

Any takers on deciphering this one???

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