Friday, March 26, 2010

Duct Tape: Not just for taping your kids to the wall

well now that I have your attention, I'm not sure where to begin this story! I am really tired so how about a really short version!!!
Megan has a wart on the side of her foot. It needs removed. I called her Dr and they told me to use over the counter meds OR cover the wart with duct tape at bedtime and rip it off in the morning!! Um excuse me? did I hear her right? duct tape??? The woman I was talking to said she heard great results from doing that. I can tell you child is not going to let me put duct tape on her and rip it off. And this is the advice I get after trying for a WEEK to get an appointment! Yes a week, that's alot longer version than I feel like telling at the moment......just wanted to share this bit of cutting edge medicine with you.

I also found out if you mix peanut butter with cod liver oil and apply to your head with scotch tape it cures male pattern baldness. Ok I just made that up.


  1. LOL I just love reading your blogs!

  2. oh good grief! hope you get a real solution soon.

    btw, your male pattern baldness remedy made me laugh! I can just see that!