Tuesday, March 16, 2010


FINALLY!!!!! I won on Ebay!! WHOOOOPDEEEDOOO!!!! :-) About time!! I told ya Tina that I'd get my stuff!! Not that I am proud of being a sneaky outbidder, but damn, feels good to win! LOL
And now I am officially sick of Ebay for awhile! After a week I'm DONE! Oh I am sure it will tempt me again, but I am good for now! Besides I have more important things to do....like beat Angie and Tasha at Super Farkle!! heehee ( love you guys!)

Got a chance for some girl time on saturday with Tina, Angie and Heather. That was awesome and well needed! Thanks girls!!

Megan still has a cough but slowly feeling better. Although I am afraid for her this week, roller skating in PE which she had never done before! Today was her first day, she said she got freaked out and cried and crawled on the floor ( yeah, I'm sure no one in JR HIGH will make fun of her for that!) and so the PE teacher led her around and she said she fell numerous times. I hope she gets over her nerves and has fun! I also hope she doesn't get hurt!! Poor child inherited my gracefulness ( -0 on a scale of 1 to 10) Anyhoo, wish her luck!!!

Better go, have a few things to do before LOST comes on!! I love to hate that show!


  1. what did you win anyway??? (on ebay) lol curious now!!!!!!!!! shawn

  2. What did you get off of E-bay? When I start I am addicted. I havent been on since Christmas and my Credit card thanks me :) SS