Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Congrats to Megan!

The swim meet went great! Megan won a medal in all 3 of her events! 2nd place in breast, and 5th and 8th in her 2 freestyle races! woohoo! way to go punkin!! :-) I did learn that day that some parents are just a-holes and want to blame everyone else for their shortcomings and it's best just to ignore them!! We're there to let the kids swim, not to be mean to each other.....(common sense if ya ask me)

Anyhoo......she was very happy and we're all really proud of her!! I can't seem to load the picture so I'll try again later! I am still trying to figure out the new computer and the photo stuff with this iMac! very different from my old PC!

have a great day and thanks for checking in!


  1. YEAH for Megan!!!! that makes me so happy! Sounds like she is doing FABULOUS with swimming!!!!

    Whoot Whoot!!!!

  2. Yea Megan! Tell her Aunt Deb, Uncle Chuck and Taylor are very proud of her!

  3. way to go yipeeeeeeeeeeeeee shawn