Thursday, March 25, 2010

And the Mother Of The Year Award goes to.........................

anyone but me! :-(  
I made a big oopsie, a flub, an out right bad call.  To make a LONG story short, Megan asked me about the easter bunny and what the " real deal" was. It went as follows......I'll change our names for story telling purposes, I am MM (Mean Mommy) and she is PC (Poor Child) it goes a lil somethin like this......

PC  " Mom tell me what's the real deal with the Easter bunny? I know it's not a guy in a giant bunny suit."

MM " you want the truth, are you sure?"

PC " yes, is it you and daddy?"

MM (short pause) " yes it is mommy and daddy."

PC (looking horrified) " IT IS???????"

MM " Oh my gosh you didn't know???"

PC " NOOOO!" (starting to tear up) 

MM " I am sooooo sorry I thought you knew when you asked me!!"

PC  "No, it was just a guess but I really believed it was magic and not you guys! I suppose you are going to tell me Santa's not real either!" (sees the look on my face) " Oh great Santa's you guys too! I defended Santa to all my friends too!" Real Crying begins now

MM  ( me thinking to myself come clean or say yes santa's real, yes? No? yes? no? just do it and get it over with!!)   " No baby I am sorry Santa is us too. "

PC  between sobs " What about the tooth fairy??"

MM ( staring at my feet silent) looks up timidly...

PC " Oh so they are all made up! This is just great!"  more tears..

So we hug for awhile and I TRY to make things better by explaining  the stories and how they are just fun for kids etc etc etc, then scott comes and and looks at us and asks what's wrong and we explain it to him so he's trying to help ........let me tell you, I have so many words or emotions I could describe to explain how I felt but let's just use crap. I. FELT. LIKE. CRAP. I just broke her heart and ripped away her childhood! ( later that evening Scott informs me I am being way over dramatic and the kid is 12 now and it's time for her to know the truth so she doesn't get her ass kicked at school defending the easter bunny or santa)   See how we just balance each other out?? Anyway, I know she is older than most kids when it comes to finding out the truth, but it still kinda stung a little. Kinda bittersweet I guess. I sure as heck didnt enjoy being the one to burst her magic bubble either! Needless to say I KNOW THESE THINGS HAPPEN and it's part of growing up, just made me a little sad. So I felt like I had a stupid mom moment ( hate those!) but of coarse Scott is STILL laughing about it AND told his coworkers who now yell "SANTA KILLER!" to me whenever he calls me from work and ask if I will be killing Cupid next.  ha ha very funny 

We also discussed the real meaning of Easter and had a long talk about Jesus. Then Megan says " since we're talking about Jesus and the Bible, I have a question. I don't get what the deal with Moses is, he was just a man so how did he part the sea and free the slaves? " So I try to explain that the best I ( my best probably being someone else's worst)  can and basically tell her God worked through Moses. 
So she says " Oh, so Moses was a tool."  Which by this time I was feeling a lil slap happy and boy did that hit me wrong! Yes I laughed, yes I explained why  I laughed when she's looking at me like I have just gone mad, because a tool is slang for jerk, and she was all laughing then and apologizing to Moses. 

It was a long night......................................


  1. Oh honey!! The way you explain it here is so funny...but I know how you feel. I hated killing Santa and all his friends. But Taylor came home with the story that the kids are saying he's not real and the elf was outta the bag!!! Haha! Have a good day sweetie!


  2. I know how you feel. My son still wavers between belief and disbelief. Part of me hopes he always believes, and yet I know that sooner or later he will have to admit to himself that it isn't real.

  3. may have started rocky, but ended funny....I love your stories! I like Scott's response!!!
    Anyway, chin up, and for her too!!! It'll get better!! seriously think you ought to start a memoir cause your stories kick butt! and can be so heartfeltedly true, AND freaking funny!!!

    * * * * * Jody * * * * *

  4. Don't beat yourself up over it. Kaitlyn and I had the same conversation last year at Easter time. In fact, it was the exact same conversation, word for word. The only thing was, I was driving and she was in the back seat freaking out. Needless to say she got over it pretty quick, and she still gets an Easter basket and Santa presents and the mom tooth fairy still leaves money under her pillow, so she's happy. She's actually relieved that there really isn't strangers coming in her house at night when she sleeps. She finally admitted that that used to freak her out. It will all turn out okay and your not mean mommy;)

  5. Oh Tacie, my oldest son and I had exactly the same conversation about the jolly big guy when he was 10.

    I felt terrible!

    But he's done a really good job keeping mum for his brother. :)

  6. OMG...Santa Killer!!! lmao...joking!!! I had a VERY similiar experience, I think a lot of parents do, so don't beat yourself up too bad...hehe. Madison was older than most kids too, she was 10 and in the 5th grade. She came home from school one day telling me how some of the kids were making fun of her for believing in Santa, and how she felt sorry for them because Santa was going to bring them coal!! LOL
    I knew at this point it was time for a little sit down (like Scott said I didn't want her to get her ass kicked at school). I frankly could not believe she still actually believed!! I mean, come on, I had it figured out before first grade!! lol. So I looked up the real story of ST. Nicholos and read it as a bedtime story. She looked at me when I was done and said..."so, he was a real guy who died?" I said yes. "So he turned magic after he died?" So, I explained how the "spirit of ST. Nicholos wanted to be carried on by all the parents so for generations us parents do the work in honor of his generous spirit. Of course I got tears and told I was a liar, but then I informed her that she has to continue to believe in Santa or there won't be presents under the tree!! So, once again she is a believer, and every xmas she says, "I believe in Santa!! I want presents!!" the Christmas spirit lives on!! lmao
    ps. I realized I might as well rip the whole bandaid off at once, so I mentioned Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy too...a few tears, but we survived...and she got $10 for her next tooth out of pure guilt!!