Friday, February 26, 2010

It's Friday!! Can I get a woot woot???

ahhhh......Fridays, such a wonderful thing!! It's been a Caaarazy week at work ( I always love getting called a b*tch!) These teens are gonna drive me to drink!

In case anyone wondered, Megan's slumber party went fantastic! No drama! No crying! No trashed house! Gotta love it.........

Megan has a big swim meet early tomorrow morning so no sleepin in :-( but there's always Sunday! :-) Speaking of sleeping, finally used to the new bed! Still thinking I might need a step stool to get into it, but hey, it's comfy!! Although if I roll over and get to close to Scott's side he mumbles " neutral zone!" at me. There's his side, my side and the middle is neutral. It's kind of a joke with us because he says I am a bed hog when it's really HIM who is the bed hog!! After all he is always on my side when I wake up, so there!! He's the piggie! oink oink jerkie boy!! ( yeah, he never reads my blog so I am safe!!)

Well have a great w/e everyone!! Wish Megan good luck at her meet!!!

love and hugs! Tac

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