Monday, February 2, 2009

Snow Fort

Just had to share some photos I took yesterday. Scott and Megan were building a snow fort yesterday while I went to visit Tina. I took a couple of pics of them before I left, they were just starting it. When I got home they were about finsished and I busted up laughing! Megan comes crawling out of the fort and I see that she is wrapped in plastic! She has on a white garbage bag that looked like a skirt then black plastic wrapped and taped around her legs. I just started laughing and said " why is our child wrapped in plastic bags???" Scott said he did it to keep her dry. Oh, Ok, great idea!!!! Fashionable & functional. heehee. It was just so cute! :-) They did a great job on the fort, I crawled in briefly as I am not one for laying in the snow and enjoying it! brrrr! and I wasn't wrapped in plastic so I got wet. So anyway, thought I'd share some pics!!!


  1. megan is adorable wet or not! annette

  2. I love the snow fort! Very cool. she is very creative. We have zero snow on the ground... it is brown and yucky out.. Colorado is not very pretty when it is brown out..