Monday, February 23, 2009

Here a Blog, there a Blog....

Hello my lovely scrap happy blog readers!! ( I know there's a few of you out there!!) Just thought I would share a few digital scrapbooking blogs that I discovered today. Great for inspiration!!!

WM[squared] Designs

pure scrap designs

polka dot plum blog

They have some really great layouts, well at least I think they do!! Just thought I would share for my fellow scrappers!

I have a sick kid home today. Poor baby has a nasty cold! She's been sick since Friday, and even though she's feeling icky she still did well for her swim meet on Saturday. She totally rocked the breast stroke!! Came in 2nd in her heat! woohoo for Megan!!!

The auto repair shop came and towed away the blazer, probably won't have it back til the 2nd week in March! yikes! $2500 worth of damage, hope the deer fared better! Thank God we didn't get hurt!

Better go, the kid is wanting some Mom time! Have a great week & thanks for checking in!!

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  1. tell magan i hope she feels better soon! annette