Friday, February 27, 2009

Let's dish!

well, does anyone watch American Idol?? I love that show!! I have a few I like so far, in fact I think so far who's in the top 12 is right on. I really like Allison, Kris, Adam and Danny. Think it will be a great season. Not sure if I like the new way it's all playing out though. Glad that Tatiana Nicole Del Toro is gone, cause she was spazzy and conceded! She did remind me of this girl Shayla I used to work with. But not in a bad way. There were some I was glad to see go and some I was sad they went already. or maybe I should describe my feelings like
"yo dawg, that wasn't good for me man. I was like no no no dawg. No man that wasn't good yo. Ah dawg "

or maybe Paula
" Um, you yyou, um, I I I love you , but I I don't know if that was the the right ssssong choice ffor you. Um (shrugging) Sorry, but I do llllloove you."

or Cara
" you have a beautiful instrument and you blew me away in auditions but this wasn't good for me. You have more talent than that performance. "

or simon
"that was bloody awful! I mean what were you thinking? what a disaster. You have just ruined your chances. Stop booing me people."

The deal is Paula is too nice to really give criticism . Simon is more Blunt than a mallet, Cara is really really serious about "instruments" and "chops" and "pipes." And randy is well, his vocab is limited to lots of "yo's" and "dawg's" and "nah Man's"............. but hey this is only MY OPINION !! which of coarse means diddly squat. doesn't mean I dislike any of them, just dishing about Idol!!! and well it is MY blog so I can write whatever I want right?? Like "the moon is filled with custard." or "monkeys with colored butts freak me out a little."

Anyway, I will be watching to see what happens!! And for the record I think Adam is sexy in a wicked kind of way! As Hiedi said about Adam " I sniff a whiff of gayness from Adam". But who cares????

Oh, I think you all know the song "This Kiss" by Faith Hill??? Well as I was getting ready this morning I heard Megan in her room serenading the cat. She had a bit of a twist on the original version, her's went something like " this cat this cat! Is beautiful! This cat this cat! Is furryful! This cat this cat, is irritable!" I about choked on my darn toothbrush it was so funny! Well I think it's funny, but she is my daughter after all so maybe not everyone thinks it's as cute as I do.
Laugh anyway or you'll be on my "list". LOL!!!

Well have a good day , TGIF!!!!! woohoo! It's a 3 day w/e to boot! (suddenly I have the chorus to "I'm so excited!" in my head......)

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  1. I don't get to watch American Idol (work) and yes, I would have cracked up if I heard Megan singing that!!!!!!!! We're crazy like that too....... We so need to live closer, lol