Wednesday, February 10, 2010

When is Spring getting here???

I hate to rush things and I am not trying to wish my days away, but I am ready for SPRING!! Or at the least some nicer weather! At least it's lovely and green at my Farmville farm! :-) That reminds me, Tina jokingly asked if she could claim her farm on her taxes! heehee! Too funny! The roads were a little iffy in spots today and we were running a few minutes behind anyway because Megan forgot to print out an article for Science class and we were out of printer paper so I had her use the back of one of my time sheets! LOL, ooopsies! Do whatcha gotta do right?

Oh and BTW, the roads were not better when I left again yesterday!! But we lucked out and got to leave 5 mins early from school on my last route! woohoo! (insert sarcasm here)

well time to go! have a great day~

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