Monday, February 8, 2010

In case you were wondering......

I don't have stones, (diamonds, garnets or Gall) that's good news! yay me! :-)

Busy weekend meets Monday morning = tired me. We spent all w/e looking at mattresses for our bed, we need a new one badly! I figured it would be easy to pick one we liked. I was so wrong. It rates right up there (for me) w/ bra and shoe shopping! UGH!! Anyway finally decided on one (yay!!) and ordering it tonight. Next on the agenda, car shopping!! Can I get woot woot!! :-)

Suppose to get more snow today thru Wed, yippee skippee, I hate driving in all the wintery muck, I fear I'll get stuck in the work van w/ teenagers! AHHHHH!! Scary thought! If you knew the teens I am talking about you would understand my fear.....I actually just shivered at the thought.

Megan went to the mall Saturday w/ some of her friends.......I was nervous but Shae's mama was with them so it's not like they were on their own, if that was the case I would have said NO or would have stalked them thru the mall to keep an eye on my child. They did Glo Golf and build a bear and I only called her once to check in (texting doesnt count right??)

Trying to decide what to do for her b-day , she wants a slumber party which is fine but she wants to do something "fun" but unsure what to do.

Anyhoo, better get going, almost time for pre-k! Have a good day, it is Monday I know, but hang in there!!

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