Tuesday, February 9, 2010

winter wonderland.....again.......

I don't know, might just be me, but when roads get plowed shouldnt they plow the whole road not just part of it??? Like maybe make room for more than one car to be driving on "road" and not in a" drift"? And yep it is still snowing.......1 route down and 3 more to go! whooppeeee!!! ( I was hoping for a snow day!)

Well, I would love to tell you I slept like a dream on my new bed last night but that isn't the case at all!! They did say to give it a week or 2 to get used to it, so I hope it gets better!! The bed is huge!!!!! It's way taller than our old mattress ( I can turn the ceiling fan and light on with my toes!!! Like monkey feet!!!!) Anyway, Scott took yesterday off to go get it and set it up before the snow hit. Of coarse when he got there the guy we'd been dealing with was gone so he got some jackass who was more worried about flirting with some girl than to help Scott (bad move slick, ya dont know my hubby) so Scott filled out the form wrote a check and when he said he'd take the bed the guy was like, we dont have it and dont know when it will be here. Scott told him we were told they were in stock and the guy was like yeah well we sold them all. SOOOOO.....Scott told him to take a flyin leap and ripped up the check and left with no bed! He called me and said we needed to find a different bed somewhere else. (yay back to square one!) So I took part of the afternoon off and met him in town where we found this other bed and it was in stock and we came home with it. We set it up and just stood there laughing!!! We have a sleigh bed and you can barely see the footboard!! LOL, yeah it's huge! I told him to please install running boards along the side so I can get in the bed. I'm sure it will take me a few nights to get used to it. Tossed and turned all night while he slept and talked in his sleep all night!! ( he has quite the potty mouth!) I'm also thinking I might need a parachute in case I fall out of bed.

Well I guess I should get going and get ready to head back out into the winter wonderland.....maybe the other side of the roads will be plowed now. :-) Have a great day!!

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