Thursday, April 23, 2009

Today's Mom's birthday. Just wanted to make something. It's an older pic, can't even remember when it was taken. Sure do miss her. Megan & I decided tonight we will have a cupcake with a candle and celebrate Mom. We can send her wishes when we blow out the candle. We're going to look at pictures and talk about moments and just remember some really good times. Not sure if this is a good idea or a bad one, but I figure celebrating her life feels like what I need to do.

Going to have Dad over for dinner on Monday night for his birthday. I bought some ribeyes and figured Scott can be the Grill Master for the evening.

That's all for now, not really in the best mood for blogging. Thanks for checking in with us!


  1. Tacie my prayers are with you! do what feels right for you. love ya Annette

  2. I think that you have found a WONDERFUL way to celebrate your mom and her birthday..... I really hope it helps you.

  3. Hi Tacie, that was a wonderful idea! I’m so glad you and Megan chose to celebrate Mom in that way. I have been thinking about her all week too. I called Dad on Thursday. Love you…you are such a special person Tacie.