Tuesday, April 14, 2009

It's Spring Break Ba-by!!

awe......Spring Break.........what can I say?? A whole week off to do whatever I want. I can sleep in and not fix breakfast til 10 and stay in my jammies. Sure my hair may be sticking straight up and I may not get a shower til noon, but hey, life is good while on break! My house is clean (let's hope it stays that way at least another 24 hours) Megan's room is clean ( It's an Easter miracle!) and I can actually write on my blog. Not that I have much to write about! I get credit for trying though right? :-)

Hopefully the Easter Bunny was good to you all. I explained the whole Bunny & Egg thing to my sisters. How the bunny steals eggs from the unsuspecting chickens and then paints them so the chickens cannot identify their own eggs and then hides them ... it's sort of like the Bunny is some frat rabbit playing a trick on the sorority chicks. It makes perfect sense does it not??? The bunny of coarse doesn't get caught cause he doesnt keep the stolen goods. He probably then gets drunk & TP's the chicken coop. That's another story though. Anyway, it made sense to Debbie & Carla ( which may or may not speak volumes for our cognitive mental processing.)
Anyhoo, Debbie said Mom would have loved that explanation. I think so too. :-) I sure do miss her.

Ok before I get all sappy I should change the subject. Oh like how I slept like kaka last night! I even woke up at 3 when Scott got home from work (overtime baby!) and in my half awake/ half asleep stupor I got up and ran into the wall. I made a sound/word that sounded like "Snarf!" Now those of you who know me realize I do tend to make up my own words. But Snarf??? What does that mean??
I guess Snarf means " Holy sh*t I just ran into a wall!" Hopefully I won't snarf again tonight. It hurts my face.

well, I better go. I wanted to post some pics before I have to fix dinner. Thanks for checking in w/ me!!!


  1. um, you can't dis your sisters cognitive mental processing AND NOT YOUR OWN after coming up with a story like THAT


  2. OMG! You are so funny! I can always count on you for a laugh!