Tuesday, April 28, 2009


just playing around tonight and came up with this. I think it turned out cute........but I may just be tootin my own horn! :-) The house is quiet....Scott took Megan to swim practice so I'm just chillin' out listening to some music and scrappin'. Sadie's camped out on her doggie bed and Smudge is hiding somewhere ( he has to have like 12 hours of sleep so when we all go to sleep he can run laps on the bed and pounce on me.)

Megan's decided she wants to try this volleyball camp that's coming up in June. Scott came home from work tonight and he had bought her a volleyball. You would have thought he'd come home with a triple chocolate sundae with a side of cash she was so tickled! We went out in the yard and messed around a bit. I forgot how sore that can make your arms. I'm already walking around like Forrest Gimp from pulling a muscle in my groin. (which BTW totally SUCKS!!!!!!!) Am I getting old or something????

Anyway, better go, they'll be home soon and I can at least attempt to look like I was doing something useful. :-) Later Gaters!

Oh and P.S. to Shawndel and Angie for the snail mail last week! I really do have the best friends!!!


  1. cute! did megan have fun friday night? Annette

  2. Your pages are quite good. it almost makes me want to try digital. Terri

  3. This is one of my favorites I have ever seen you do. It is elegant, classy and a bit teenager. Absolutly perfect.