Wednesday, March 4, 2009

say what??

Hello! Just posting this goofy thing I filled out today. It's kind of fun, if you do it send it to me so I can see your answers!!! LOL

Just for fun

Radio fun:
Turn on the radio, listen to one line in a song ( or a commercial) then change it. do this 4 times. Then right 2 sentences out of what you heard, even if it's a commercial. See what you come up with!

She stole my heart in a trailer park and shook me all night long. So I went chasing waterfalls and I saved big money at Menard's.

Google fun:
google your first name and the sentence and let us know what it says!
____ got fired for____
Tacie got fired for going down on the floor of the car and staying there. ( what? was someone shooting at me??)

____likes to do this with ____
Tacie likes to do side squats with abductions. ( what the hell does that even mean??)

_____wants to _____
Tacie wants to do you! (wow, I'm shocked, I never even knew...)

____favorite song is_____

Tacie's favorite song is Carry On My Wayward Son. (I do like to sing it while playing air guitar)

Tacie wears prada. (wow I have expensive taste!)

___ likes to eat____
Tacie likes to eat an extra cupcake. (hey, it's true! ) That was actually not the first thing that came up, the first one was "likes to eat her parents" but that was just too too wrong!!!! freaks!

Tacie makes a point of strapping that bad boy onto my head more often.
( LOL<>

____wants to join____

Tacie wants to join me for a drink the next time she's in Mankato! ... (ok where's Mankato??? and who will I be joining?? well as long as they are buying...............................)

____was found____

Tacie was found naked on Main Street. (holy crap!, too many damn drinks in Mankato!!!!!!!!! woo!)
_____dances with_____

Tacie dances with a pork & beans official. ( I didn't know there were officials for that???)

_____porn star name is ___

Tacie's porn star name is "superglued the locks and I can't get out". ( well.......that's a um, long name. Bet I wouldn't get much work. )
backwards fun:
Spell your first name backwords and then google" what does _____mean?"
EICAT means eICAT is a self contained system of a palmtop computer with a data collection .... They are by no means an exhaustive list as every facility will collect ... (BORING!!!!)

spell your last name backwards and google " ____wants you to know _____."
Kooc wants you to know the people at the gym rub me the wrong way ...
( and you all know how I HATE leads to chafing and possible rashes.)

Food fun:
Pick a snack food and google this "I like to eat my (snack) while I___"
I like to eat my cheetos while I warn people about the Consumption of alcohol, that it may cause an influx in the time-space continuum, ...
( duh! what else would I be talking about while eating cheesy poofy goodness??)

random fun:
Ok, pick a friend's name. Then google " What happened to ____ after the party??" and tell us what it says!
I picked Tina and it said
!"#$%& '#(%)*+,%& '#(-)*-.#/*-0#& 1/2#(%)*#& 3/*+%4"+- 5 67789 ...
( wow, does that mean she had a good time?? Or a bad time?? I warned her drunk ass about the consumption of alcohol and the space time thingy!! )
your turn have fun!!

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