Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hair of the Tiger

Hello Hello!! Haven't blogged in awhile, thought I better check in. Hope everyone had a good St Patty's Day! You know how some people are all like "Ugh, it's friday the 13th!" and expect bad things to happen? Not me, I actually have good Friday the 13th's. BUT St Patrick's Day on the other hand, well that's my 13th. Always has you think I would have been on guard yesterday. Horrible day at work( all the leprachauns were restless I guess) and I got pulled over for speeding!!! I have never been pulled over!! Luckily I didnt get a ticket, so that's a good thing, and the cop didn't try and steal me lucky charms. heehee

OH. My. Goodness. I went out with Angie last friday was a spur of the moment thing and we were unsure what to do.........we decided to just do something silly. Well, Angie sure as heck took the silly part to heart. That girl cracks me up!!!( Gotta say, loved the blue streaks in her hair!) It'll take too long to explain all the stuff we did but it was great! By the end of the night my head and tummy hurt from laughing so hard!!!!!!! We had alot of fun and I am so grateful to have someone like her to just be silly with!

This morning Megan got up and her hair was sticking up everywhere and she goes to the bathroom, gets her brush and starts singing "the Hair of the Tiger"( to the tune of eye of the tiger) I was like Hair? and she said " yeah my hair's all wild like a tiger and I gotta tame it!"
hmmm, ok, a little motivational music to get ya pumped up for hair brushin. You go girl.
Then after I took her to school and went to work I actually heard eye of the tiger on the radio! Funny!

Gotta go back to work ! Thanks for stoppin by!

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  1. well at least it wasn't craptacular for a week long! just kidding i missed ya! annette