Monday, October 6, 2008

swim meet & a raccoon

well the kid now has her first swim meet under her belt....or guess I should say swim cap!! :-) It was a very long day, 10 hours!!! She did great though!! We are so proud of her! No melt downs or fusses, she was a trooper. I on the other hand was getting quite antsy towards the last few events! lol So a 10 hr meet and a 2 hr drive home ( w/ a stop at Dairy Queen of coarse!). when we got there we had a meeting for the "first time parents " of swimmers. The lady said " we have a saying for us swim parents.....if you only have one day left to live spend it at a swim meet cause those days last forever!"
heeheee........oh how little we knew when we heard that!!

After we were home and settled in I noticed we had a visitor on the back porch. The fattest raccoon I have ever seen!! I went in the kitchen and I first thought it was one of our dogs then I saw him stand up and look in at me and I kinda screamed just a little cause it took me by surprise. he just stood there looking at me. DH comes in there followed by the DD and it started walking around the porch. DH started to go outside and I said " you aren't going out there are you?" like it was some horror movie! LOL Actually I was thinking more along the lines of RV or that movie with John Candy w/ the bat? The Great Outdoors I think it was. But he assured me he was going out and to stay inside. So he grabbed his flashlight and out he went. ( I am assuming the flashlight was in case they wanted to play shadow puppets???) and came in saying it must have took off. I'm just glad we dont have bears. (I hear they really hate making shadow puppets.)

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  1. i love your page!! You are so creative and talented sis and if i don't say it enough... i love you very much and wish we lived in the same town and could go out for coffee or whatever... whenever we wanted to. i love the pic of mom and megan and am MISSING HER SO VERY MUCH!! Well i gotta go, eyes are starting to well up with tears. love ya sis