Thursday, October 2, 2008

stress, bunnies,and hearing aides

Good morning! Or at least it's morning!! LOL I am a little stressed with work, but hey, I'm alive and kicking. Just need to destress a bit.
I still don't have a caramel apple, but I'll be OK!! :-)
I wanted to share a website with you. It's my friend Denise's. She makes yummy smelling candles and cute crafts!!
Brown Bunny Patch

Got a busy day today. After work gotta take our dog Jake to the vet. He's not looking so good. Poor baby! He's really getting scrawny and just looks like he might blow away in this Fall wind. He's getting older (he's 11) and with all his problems (seizures) I'm concerned about him. And Sadie is going deaf! Have you seen the commercials on TV for this hearing loss device, where if you wear it you can hear the TV better and even listen to your neighbors across the street??? (( I wonder if Betty has one??? heehee) . ANYWAY, Scott was saying she needs a doggie hearing aide and I suggested we buy one of those, that way she can keep up and know what ALL the b*tches in the neighborhood are up to!! ha ha!! yep, I crack myself up! C'mon, some days humor is the only thing that keeps me from curling up in the fetal position and rocking myself to sleep!

anyway, gotta head to work so HOP (heehee) on over to the Brown Bunny Patch and look at all the purdies!

and somebunny get me a caramel apple already!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

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