Monday, June 30, 2008

Random Chatter & a Miracle!

hello! Just thought I'd take a few minutes to blog. Been really busy since last Wednesday. My SIL and her 3 kids were here visiting, which was awesome! We had a great time!! We went to the zoo and had to hide out in the "snake house" and wait for a storm to pass but other than that everything went really well! Got to see them 4 days in a row which Megan LOVED!! Well me too of coarse!! We don't get to see them too much so it was great.
Megan is having alot of asthma stuff going on, we've had to go in to the DR for a breathing treatment and be on meds and do the inhaler. Usually she does just fine all summer. Anyway after fighting this for almost 2 weeks, she's developed a sinus infection. So gotta go get her prescription picked up this afternoon. Hopefully this will make her feel better and she'll be back to 100% in no time!

As for my hubby, he hit a deer Saturday in his work truck on the interstate. Luckily he only has some scratches! The deer came up on the hood and shattered the windshield and flipped around and shattered the driver side window. SCARY!!!!!!!!!!!! THANK GOD he is ok, that could have been so much worse! I told him his MIL in Heaven was looking out for him! I mean it's a miracle in my opinion to hit a deer at 65 mph and walk away w/ scratches!

I did something to my neck and it's killing me! UGH!!!! It hurts way down into my shoulder. I should try and go to the chiropractor I guess. Our insurance doesn't cover it though so I haven't been going too much. But owie, I be a hurtin!
OMG the weather has been so beautiful the last few days! Scott & I have been hanging out on the swing on the back deck just relaxing the last 2 nights. It's so quiet out here and you just sit and listen to the wind in the trees and the birds singing. ::sigh:: so nice! Scott took Megan for a ride on the 4 wheeler yesterday. They have matching helmets ( so cute!) . She loves to go w/ Daddy just riding around out here.

well better go I guess, thanks for checking in w/ me! Have a great week!!!!!!

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  1. So glad that Scott is okay. Mom was his angel that day.