Thursday, June 19, 2008


Hello! Just thought I would share a funny Megan story today! She had a DR apt yesterday,
all went well and then after the Dr visit I asked her if she had any questions or concerns for the Dr before we left, she sat there so serious and looked like she was really thinking and then she said so innocently, " Actually I do have a question......can you get freckles in your butt crack?" I thought I was going to die laughing! The Dr was rather surprised and answered yes and Megan was like, "ok just wondering." OMG!!!!!!!!!!! Only My daughter would ask that question. It was so funny. The Dr was trying not to laugh but then stared giggling.
so, just in case any of you are wondering, yes it is possible to have freckles in your crack.
(I just don't want to know about it...LOL!!! )
Anyhoo, I am sure the DR doesn't get asked that question much.... :-)
BTW, Meg is feeling better, just has a bit of a cold I guess. She's still silly as ever so it's not slowing her down much. Right now she is using daddy's laptop to make a video of herself.....can't wait to see this one.
have a great day and thanks for checking in w/ us!

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